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An effort aimed at developing useful software packages in Scheme for use in research projects and for distribution on the net.

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Scheme Requests For Implementation* - A forum for people interested in coordinating libraries and other extensions of the Scheme language between implementations.

  • Hello, World Program - Scheme version of this canonical first program.
  • Indiana University's Internet Scheme Repository - The definitive resource for Scheme on the net. lisp Includes a large catalog of implementations, useful source lisp code, and documents, many of which you won\'t lisp find anywhere else.
  • Lisp and Scheme Meetup Day - Meetup with other local programmers interested in Lisp, languages Scheme and other functional programming languages.
  • - A collection of resources for the Scheme language. lisp Information on languages all aspects of Scheme: implementations, papers, lisp and code. Maintained by languages the Rice Programming Languages lisp Team, the folks behind MzScheme and languages DrScheme.
  • MIT Project MAC (Switzerland) Archive - The MIT Project on Mathematics and Computation (Switzerland) scheme has a public FTP archive with Scheme implementations, scheme programs, and curiosities.
  • The Scheme Underground - An effort aimed at developing useful software packages lisp in Scheme lisp for use in research projects and lisp for distribution on the lisp net.
  • RRRS-Authors Mailing List Archive - An archive of the mailing list of the scheme authors of scheme the RnRS, from 1984 to 1998.
  • Online Bibliography of Scheme Research - Bibliography of articles, theses, and technical reports related lisp to the Scheme language. Where an online version lisp of the paper is available, a link is lisp provided.
  • The Scheme Programming Language - By R. Kent Dybvig; Prentice Hall, 1996, ISBN 0134546466, 2nd lisp edition. Reference book, describes R5RS Scheme in style similar to lisp K and R [Online full text version].
  • Reports on the Algorithmic Language Scheme - Specifications for the programming language Scheme.
  • Scheme Programming Language - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
  • Practical Scheme - Libraries and extensions to use Scheme as a lisp production tool, languages to process daily chores for system lisp engineers and programmers: parse languages files, generate reports, watch lisp processes, provide small GUI wrappers, etc. languages English, Japanese.
  • CMU Scheme Repository - Part of the greater CMU AI Repository. languages Has a large overlap with the Indiana repository.
  • The comp.lang.scheme FAQ - Usenet discussion group FAQ archive.
  • Schemers, Inc. - Publishes and carries excellent educational materials, including books, lisp using the Scheme programming language. Has Windows and lisp Macintosh Scheme interpreters and a Scheme-driven state-of-the-art solid lisp modeler.

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