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Page with brief description, very useful links with annotations for vendors, search engines, more: references (linked and non-linked) for articles, books.

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Association of Lisp Users: ALU* - Well organized, over 100 pages of information on Lisp: references, books, tutorials, free and commercial implementations, free software, events, conferences, history, organizations, other resources.

  • P.S., Parenthetically Speaking - Set of articles on several aspects of Lisp and related lisp issues.
  • Kent Pitman's Public Page - Publications, postings (mostly Lisp related); political thoughts, links.
  • CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository - Collection of files, programs, publications, of interest to Artificial Intelligence lisp researchers, educators, students, practitioners.
  • - CL development resources, good start point for new programmers. Free: CVS, mail lists, web and FTP space.
  • Jeff's Lisp Page - Related links about Lisp, papers, book reviews, programs, languages Net articles, from a variety of sources.
  • Gordon S. Novak Jr. - Free software, information, links.
  • Hello, World Program - Lisp version of this canonical first program.
  • Arto Bendiken - Personal Weblog of Lisp programmer, original writings, speculations, code.
  • Lisp Programming Language - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
  • PC AI: Lisp Programming Language - Page with brief description, very useful links with annotations for languages vendors, search engines, more: references (linked and non-linked) for articles, languages books.
  • Lisp - Paul Graham Lisp essays (including Beating the Averages), lisp history, FAQ, languages code, many links.
  • History of Lisp - Source code, design documents, references, other material on original Lisp languages I/1.5 system, and many follow-ons. Project of Computer History Museum\'s languages Software Collection Committee.
  • Franz Inc. - Producers of Allegro CL and related products
  • Online Publications by Erann Gat - Lisp papers: Lisp as an Alternative to Java; lisp Complete Idiot\\'s languages Guides to: Special Variables and Lexical lisp Closures, CL Packages; Locales: languages First-Class Lexical Environments for lisp CL; robotics papers.
  • Readable S-expressions and Sweet-expressions: Getting the Infix Fix and Fewer Parentheses in Lisp-like Languages - Proposal to replace pure S-expressions with more flexible languages mixed alternative. David A. Wheeler's Weblog.
  • Lemonodor - Weblog featuring Lisp news, events, and commentary.
  • The Common Lisp Directory - Collects all possible resources for the CL language: libraries, tools, programming software, documents, events, groups, organizations, people.

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