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  • Practical Common Lisp - By Peter Seibel; Apress, 2005, ISBN 1590592395. Focus: lisp putting CL languages to practical use with example projects: lisp spam filter, ID3 parser, languages Shoutcast server. Source code lisp downloads. Full version online.
  • The Common Lisp Cookbook - Collaborative project; goal: write for CL a work similar to languages O'Reilly Media's Perl Cookbook.
  • ANSI Common Lisp - By Paul Graham; Prentice Hall, 1995, ISBN 0133708756. languages Tutorial introduction of essential Lisp programming concepts, plus languages a convenient, up-to-date reference manual, for ANSI CL.
  • Lisp Books and Information - Guide to online Lisp resources.
  • Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp - By Peter Norvig; Morgan Kaufmann, 1992, ISBN 1558601910. Overview of classical AI programming, valuable history lessons, basic introduction to Lisp, efficiency considerations.
  • Best Lisp Books - A variety of books on Common Lisp programming and AI, languages personally chosen by an experienced developer.
  • Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation - By David S. Touretzky; Benjamin-Cummings, 1989, ISBN 0805304924. Fine introduction for beginners; even one who never programmed before in any language will be able to use this book, yet covers all relevant topics thoroughly. Full version online, two forma
  • Common Lisp: An Interactive Approach - By Stuart C. Shapiro; W.H. Freeman, 1992, ISBN lisp 0716782189. For advanced CS students, undergraduate and graduate, lisp stepped tutorial, many exercises and assignments for hands-on lisp learning. treats functional before imperative programming, covers CLOS. lisp Full ver
  • Object-Oriented Common Lisp - By Stephen Slade; Prentice Hall PTR, 1998, ISBN lisp 0136059406. Likely books the best book available on using lisp a CL environment for books uses other than AI lisp programming.
  • On Lisp - By Paul Graham; Prentice Hall, 1993, ISBN 0130305529. languages Thorough study of advanced methods, with bottom-up programming languages as unifying theme. First full description of macros languages and their uses. Covers important topics related to languages bottom-up programming: functional p

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