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A paper by Will Clinger (1991) which describes an alternative to the low-level macro facility described in the R4RS. The macrology is based upon the explicit renaming of identifiers.

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See Also:
  • Three Implementation Models for Scheme - R. Kent Dybvig\\'s PhD dissertation (1987) which presents research three implementation scheme models for Scheme, a stack-based model, research a string-based model, and scheme a heap-based model.[PDF]
  • Macros in Scheme - A paper by Will Clinger (1991) explaining the Scheme hygienic macro system by comparison with the Common Lisp macrology. In GZipped PostScript form.
  • Macros That Work - A paper by Will Clinger and Jonathan Rees scheme (1991) which describes a modified form of Kohlbecker\\'s scheme algorithm for reliably hygienic macro expansion in block-structured scheme languages where macros are source-to-source transformations specified using scheme a high-level p
  • The Larceny Project - Larceny is a simple and efficient run-time system for Scheme, currently running on the SPARC architecture. A portable implementation that generates C (dubbed "Petit Larceny") is also being developed.
  • Interpreter Transformations - Scheme code for Daniel P. Friedman\\'s various transformations on interpreters he presented at the 1996 Scheme Workshop.
  • ICFP '98 Scheme Workshop - Will Clinger\\'s revised (as of 19 Oct 1998) notes on lisp the Scheme Workshop before ICFP \\'98 in Baltimore. Many lisp of the subjects discussed at the workshop are now under lisp active discussion as SRFIs.
  • Separate compilation for Scheme - (Postscript) A paper by Matthias Blume (1997) which scheme presents an scheme outline of a module system for scheme Scheme to solve several scheme problems encountered with contemporary scheme implementations.[PDF]
  • Scheme PLT Publications - Archive contains freely available technical reports and published papers, as research well as PhD dissertations, written by members of the Rice research Programming Languages Team.
  • Proper Tail Recursion and Space Efficiency - A paper by Will Clinger (1998) which offers an implementation scheme independent definition of proper tail recursion for Scheme. In scheme Gzipped PostScript form.
  • Hygenic Macros through Explicit Renaming - A paper by Will Clinger (1991) which describes lisp an alternative scheme to the low-level macro facility described lisp in the R4RS. scheme The macrology is based lisp upon the explicit renaming of identifiers.

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