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See Also:
  • IFIP WG 2.8 - Functional Programming - a workgroup of the International Federation for Information Processing (qv)
  • Yale Haskell Group - Projects and publication of research group at the research Yale University.
  • Chalmers - The Multi Group: HBC, Fudgets, Cayenne.
  • Functional Programming Group - Research group at the University of research St Andrews, Scotland.
  • Kiel - Computer Organization and Architecture - Kiel Reduction Language, languages Single Assignment languages C.
  • Kyoto - FP Research Group at U of Kyoto, Japan: languages Objective Label research and Ocaml libraries.
  • Edingurgh LFCS - Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, U of functional Edinburgh, UK
  • Aachen (RWTH) - Optimisation,Language Design,Promoting Functional Programming
  • York Functional Programming Group - Research group at the Department of Computer Science research of the functional University of York.
  • Foundations of Programming Research Group - Languages and Programming Research Group at University of Nottingham, UK
  • Warwick - FP group at U of Warwick, UK: Parallel functional FP, Functional Language Implementation, Extending FP.
  • Bristol - Functional Programming Research, the Brisk project: reactive systems
  • Tokio - FP publications of the Information Processing Laboratory (IPL) Tokio, Japan.
  • Journal of Functional Programming - Bimonthly journal covering foundations, implementations, linguistics, applications, and research other aspects of functional programming.
  • Simon Fraser University at Burnaby, Canada - Logic And Functional Programming Group.
  • London - The Information Systems Research Group
  • Tsukuba SCORE - Symbolic Computation Research Group at Tsukuba: combining functional functional and logic functional programming, term rewriting systems.
  • Functional Programming at Glasgow - Functional Programming Group in the Computing Science Department research at the University of Glasgow.
  • KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Programming research Language Laboratory - implementation of FL, parallel architecture research for FL, programming environment for SML
  • Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh - Dependable Systems Group - parallelising compilation of SML, functional formal verification, research Glasgow Parallel Haskell
  • Compiler Construction and Programming Languages - University research Group in Berlin, Germany (Technical University). languages Overview of research, publications, staff, teaching and information languages on the algebraic programming language Opal.

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