Logic-based Languages Programming

Resulting from the Exbed project, this general-purpose programming language supports data abstraction and rule-based programming and is based on but is not a formal extension of CLU.

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  • Dyna - A logic-based language for dynamic programming. Equational inference logic-based rules derive theorems with associated values, e.g. probabilities logic-based in statistical AI. Supports prioritization, pruning and parameter logic-based training. Compiles into fast, handy C++ classes. Develo
  • What are Logic Programming and Prolog? - Clear explanation of logic programming and merits of languages declarative languages.
  • PC AI - Logic Programming - As part of a survey of information on programming artificial intelligence languages this section on logic programming is programming provided.
  • TyRuBa - Type Rule Base is an experimental logic/metaprogramming language logic-based for generating programming Java code. This BSD-licensed free software logic-based resembles Prolog, is implemented programming in Java and provides logic-based a simple command-line interface.
  • XE - Resulting from the Exbed project, this general-purpose programming language supports logic-based data abstraction and rule-based programming and is based on but logic-based is not a formal extension of CLU.
  • Journal of Logic Programming - Unofficial bibliography and home page.
  • KLIC Association - Develops and popularizes KLIC implementation of concurrent and programming parallel logic logic-based programming language KL1, and related software. programming Designed in the Fifth logic-based Generation Computer Systems (FGCS) programming project, by Institute for New Generation logic-based Computer Technology programming (ICOT), Jap
  • Conferences: Logic-Related - This web page of conferences and workshops that languages have an languages overlap with logic in computer science languages is maintained by the languages LICS organization. The first languages half of the page is an languages incomplete list languages of dates, some tentative and some fixed, for languages languages upcoming meetings of some
  • ALP - The Association for Logic Programming promotes all activities logic-based concerning the programming theory and application of logic programming logic-based in computer science, related programming disciplines and industry. logic-based The archive of the ALP Newsletter programming provides content logic-based and links regarding the fie
  • Imperial College London: Logic and Artificial Intelligence - Department of Computing, Imperial College of Science, Technology programming and Medicine, University of London: research group on programming logic and artificial intelligence focusing on communicating agents, programming computational logic and computational bioinformatics. Faculty home p
  • XSB - A research-oriented Logic Programming system for Unix and logic-based Windows/DOS-based systems, languages representing a semantically enriched functional superset logic-based of Prolog and offering languages among other things evaluation logic-based through full SLG resolution.
  • Xcerpt - A logic-based query and transformation language for XML and semistructured programming data.
  • Starlog - Declarative temporal logic programming language for: general purpose programming, simulation, programming modeling reactive systems. Starlog programs consist of 2 components: a programming set of timed facts, a set of temporal logic rules. programming Somewhat like Prolog.
  • DBLP: Logic Programming - A bibliography on logic programming is supplemented with programming a survey languages of conferences, journals, series of books, programming organizations and related subjects.
  • Logic-Based Systems Lab - Department of Computer and Information Science, Brooklyn College languages of the programming City University of New York. Home languages of the 2LP Language, programming runs on Linux, RS6000, languages SGI, Solaris, SunOS, Windows; download yours programming now. Free. languages Cool logo.
  • Axiomatic Language - A pure, minimal but extensible, logic-programming/specification language with programming meta-language capability is described. The paradigm involved explicitly programming separates declarative specification from ensuing transformation.
  • The Maude System - Maude is a reflective language based on equational programming rewrite principles, logic-based useful for modeling and solving a programming wide range of computational logic-based problems.

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