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A study of the efficiency of various parsing techniches in Prolog, e.g. top-down, bottom-up, oracles, prediction, left-corner, chart. Also a comparison with Lisp. Examples in Prolog and Lisp.

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See Also:
  • Logic Programming 3D Site - The main idea of this Site is 3D (VRML) languages representation of the World Wide Web. The Site describes languages the area of logic programming and Prolog. All languages the information was collected by Actor Prolog agents.
  • Hello, World program - For Prolog.
  • ResearchIndex: Complete Logic Systems, Inc, September 1987. 80. D.H.D. Warren - Prolog Instruction Set, Technical Note, SRI International Artificial programming Intelligence Center, programming D.S. Warren, S. Dietrich, F. Pereira. programming The SB Prolog System, programming SUNY at Stony Brook. programming Several references for this Prolog.
  • Prolog Resource Guide - The complete FAQs from news:comp.lang.prolog
  • INAP2001 - 14th International Conference of Applications of Prolog. University prolog of Tokyo, programming Japan, October 20 - 22, 2001.
  • BinNet Corp. - C/C++ and Java based Prolog Compilers and Prolog languages based Internet Programming tools.
  • Is the ISO Prolog standard taken seriously - article by Roberto Bagnara.
  • FAQ: Prolog Implementations - Information about Prolog Implementations.
  • PiLLoW - Programming in Logic Languages on the Web (PiLLoW) languages is a programming public-domain library for developing Web applications languages using (constraint) logic programming. programming It constitutes part languages of the Ciao Prolog development system.
  • Prolog :- Tutorial - From basics to advanced topics tutorial by J.R.Fisher.
  • PC AI: The Prolog Programming Language - Explanations, links.
  • Prolog for Beginners - A comparison of several Prolog systems from a beginners perspective
  • Prolog Wikibook - A wiki based book on Prolog.
  • Very Basic Natural Language Processing with LPA PROLOG - This website shows how simple natural language processing can be programming implemented in LPA Prolog.
  • Cetus Links: Prolog - This collection of non-commercial links treats Prolog within the context languages of object- and component-orientation.
  • Techref - Prolog - The Techref page regarding Prolog. Word Prolog meanings. Links.
  • Logic Programming Associates - This software house supplies WIN-PROLOG, MacProlog32 and Prolog++.
  • OOPWeb - Prolog Directory - Prolog programming tutorial and online book.
  • Prolog Parsers - A study of the efficiency of various parsing techniches in languages Prolog, e.g. top-down, bottom-up, oracles, prediction, left-corner, chart. Also a languages comparison with Lisp. Examples in Prolog and Lisp.
  • Course on Prolog - A concise, example-based introduction to Prolog for people from the languages humanities. Uses the freely-available Prolog+CG as the example implementation.
  • clp(FD) - This constraint logic programming language over Finite Domains languages (clp(FD)) is based on the wamcc Prolog compiler.
  • An introduction to Prolog - A short introduction to Prolog by Michel Loiseleur programming and Nicolas prolog Vigier.
  • ProFIT: Gregor Erbach - Research scientist, studies: grammar formalisms, parsing algorithms, grammar programming checking, cross-language languages text retrieval. ProFIT author.
  • Prolog for Artificial Intelligence - Open Source AI projects in Prolog.
  • Simple Text Parser - An implementation of a parser in LPA Prolog as well as a report about this parser.
  • Simply Logical - Intelligent Reasoning by Example.

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