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Highly interactive, stack-based, Forth- and LISP-like functional language, with very clean syntax and block structure (appearance) like Pascal.

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Poplog* - Rapid prototyping multilanguage software development environment; incremental compilers for: POP-11, Prolog, Common Lisp, Standard ML; versions: Linux, Unix, VMS. Downloads, forum postings, libraries, workshops, Twiki, resources. [Open Source]

  • Information About Poplog and POP-11 - What they are, history, free versions online, platforms, and comments.
  • Computers and Thought: A practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - By Mike Sharples, David Hogg, Chris Hutchison, Steve languages Torrance, David programming Young; MIT Press, 1989, ISBN 0262691337. languages Book presents topic via programming examples in AI programming languages language POP-11; online, free.
  • Poplog Online - Overview files, indexes: help, teach, reference, documents; at programming Reading University.
  • OpenPoplog - Initiative to raise use of Poplog and attract programming programmers to pop-11 develop the system further; many resources; programming at SourceForge.
  • Free Poplog - A multi-language AI system that contains Prolog, Common Lisp, ML programming and POP-11 implementation.
  • POP-11 - Growing article, with links to many related topics. languages [Wikipedia]

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