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Was, firm founded by Tcl creator, and original sole author, Professor John Ousterhout. Advocacy, tutorials, documentation, links, news, software, latest releases, downloads.

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Tcl Developer Xchange* - Was, firm founded by Tcl creator, and original sole author, Professor John Ousterhout. Advocacy, tutorials, documentation, links, news, software, latest releases, downloads.

  • TclTutor - Interactive computer aided instruction package to learn Tcl. programming It consists of 43 lessons covering all basic programming Tcl commands.
  • The Entropy Liberation Front - Providing a collection of Tcl/Tk plugins and sources as well as links to other resources.
  • Clif Flynt - Homepage of "Tcl/Tk For Real Programmers" author. Professional and personal information. Book overview, table of Contents, errata. Tcl/Tk related items.
  • Using Tcl/Tk in Multimedia Applications - A short tutorial about how to use Tcl/Tk in Multimedia applications for X.
  • Tcl Blend - Notes about using Sun\\'s Tcl/Java interface that works languages with Tcl8.0, JDK1.1. and JDK1.2.
  • Will's Tcl/Tk Page - Featuring the trycatch and expand packages, guides to programming creating object programming commands and to success with namespaces programming and packages.
  • Donal K. Fellows's Tcl Archive - Featuring extended Tcl fontification for Emacs, scripts and tcl-tk extensions, Tclets and Games.
  • Tcl for Web Nerds - A guide programming a Web service using TCL tcl-tk as the languages CGI language.
  • Tcl/Tk Extensions and Information Page - Extensions to make Tcl/Tk applications easy to implement. languages Some of these extensions are specific to NT, languages while others run in both, Unix and NT languages environments.
  • Tcl/Tk Software - Autodoc, Makedist, and other Software for and using programming Tcl/Tk written by Andreas Kupries.
  • Tcl/Tk References of Interest - Cameron Laird\\'s collection of information about Tcl/Tk, including programming articles he tcl-tk wrote for Sunworld e.a.
  • Cetus Links: Tcl/Tk - A collection of links to Tcl/Tk pages.
  • Wikipedia's Tcl Tutorial - A short tutorial on the Tcl language from languages Wikipedia.
  • Tcl Tutorial - This tutorial is aimed at those who have some knowledge tcl-tk of programming, although you don\\'t have to be an expert. tcl-tk The tutorial is intended as a companion to the Tcl tcl-tk manual pages which provide a reference for all Tcl commands.
  • Tcl/Tk SourceForge Project - The core development home for Tcl and the tcl-tk Tk toolkit.
  • Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk - Fifteen out of 48 chapters of Brent Welch\'s tcl-tk book.
  • How To Write Eggdrop Scripts That Won't Choke on Special Characters - Article by "Peterre".
  • Tcl/Tk advocacy - Teaches non-programming types how to create GUI applications languages using Tcl/Tk. Uses Windows, Cygwin, web browser languages or Linux as platform for learning, practicing, experimenting.
  • A Tcl(Tutorial for Cool Language) for Tcl/Tk Tutorial - A Tcl/Tk tutorial aimed at beginners.
  • The Tcl War - Archive of notable replies to Richard Stallman\\'s "Why you should programming not use Tcl" article he posted to Usenet.
  • Tcl/Tk on Windows Frequently-Asked Questions - A frequently-asked questions, also called a FAQ, covers problems with tcl-tk the Tcl/Tk programming on the Windows platform.
  • Frequently Made Mistakes in Tcl - Article on evident faults and unidiomatic usages of languages Tcl.
  • Tcl Scripts - Tclsh scripts and Eggdrop scripts.
  • Avia Training and Consulting - Provides services for the Tcl programming language and programming extensions such as Tk and Expect.
  • FAQ Launch Page - A starting point for Tcl programmers to locate languages a variety languages of tutorials, reference guides, FAQs, software languages and printed material.
  • Tcl-Wear Chronology - A history of shirts, hats, office toys and other Tcl-related programming paraphernalia.
  • Oracle/TCL FAQ - Access Oracle databases from TCL
  • Slennox's Eggdrop Page: Tcl Archive - Large archive of Tcl scripts for eggdrop IRC tcl-tk bots.
  • Tcl/Tk Quick Reference - For Tcl/Tk 8.x based on the quick reference guide written for Perl by Johan Vromans. A Perl script is included in the distribution to reorganize the 52 pages in the Postscript source into booklet form.
  • Tcl/Tk Cookbook - The emphasis is on enabling the readers gain familiarity with programming Tcl/Tk programming within a very short-time so they can proceed programming to develop their own.
  • Procedures in Tcl - A short tutorial how to use them.
  • Scripting Graphical Commands with Tcl/Tk Mini-HOWTO - A quick introduction by example to creating graphical user interfaces languages for command line applications with Tcl and Tk.
  • Tek-Tips - Tcl/Tk - A WWW based discussion forum for Tcl/Tk programmers.
  • ActiveTcl - ActiveTcl is ActiveState\\'s distribution of Tcl, available for programming Linux, Solaris, languages HP-UX and Windows.
  • Tcl Java Integration - About Jacl, a Java implementation of Tcl 8.x., tcl-tk and TclBlend, a package for Tcl 8.x to tcl-tk load and interact with the Java VM.
  • dgWebHelp: Tcl/Tk - Fast access to Tcl/Tk and extensions manual pages via a programming nice Java applet.
  • Tcl/Tk Aqua - TclTk Aqua is a binary distribution of the Mac OS X native Tcl/Tk and over fifty popular Tcl extensions.

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