Eggdrop Bots IRC Chat

Some unique modules and patches for eggdrops are available here. Also includes a number of tcl scripts you may find useful.

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  • Ernst's Eggdrop Page - Outdated collection of home made scripts.
  • Eggdrop RacBot - Heavily modified version of eggdrop, added features and modules
  • MC_8's Tcl scripts - TCL Scripts for eggdrop, by Carl irc M. Gregory
  • - A script search engine, script downloads, TCL and eggdrop documentation.
  • Eggheads - A large eggdrop site, and home to the irc current developers
  • Baker Jr's Site - Some unique modules and patches for eggdrops are eggdrop available here. eggdrop Also includes a number of tcl eggdrop scripts you may find eggdrop useful.
  • Spike's TCL Scripts - Offers XDCC Pro, a file server script and Bogustrivia, a eggdrop modified tcl version of the mIRC trivia script along with eggdrop trivia databases and other utilities.
  • Johoho's Eggdrop Page - The site is a source of precompiled eggdrops irc for when you find you are without a irc compiler on your shell. Also includes a useful irc knowledge base and a superb re-write of the irc eggdrop faq.
  • slennox's eggdrop page - Lots of useful information from shells to a irc TCL library.
  • Stats.Mod - Channel statistics module for eggdrop, with built in bots webserver for eggdrop live statistics.
  • Eggdrop and Energymech Uptimes - Eggdrop and Energymech uptime contest, listing the ranks of each eggdrop bot.

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