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See Also:
  • BlootBot - Perl bot descended from Infobot. Now merged back into the main infobot project.
  • Programming IRC Bots in Perl - Offers an introduction and documentation on creating chat bots written irc in perl.
  • Lisp IRC Bots - IRC bots written in Lisp.
  • Flooterbuck Infobot - A rewrite of Kevin Lenzo's Infobot.
  • Yourbot IRC Bot - IRC bot for windows with games, personality, and bots channel administration.
  • IRCbot - An IRC poker dealing program.
  • Acidblood - Open source IRC bot for Unix.
  • Channel Manager - Based on eggdrop. Designed to improve stability, security chat and functionality.
  • PipSqueek - IRC bot written in Perl and mySQL.
  • iroffer-Lamm - An advanced version of PMG's IRC-Fileserver-Bot.
  • EnergyMech - Open source IRC bot written in C. Includes chat many useful features.
  • bitchbot - perl based IRC bot - News, features, download area, command reference, installation instructions, and configuration guidance.
  • ChristianEthics BibleBot - Site has download links to BibleBot, information and bots support on bots bot and Forum.
  • Dancer - Open source IRC bot. Developed in C and bots runs on irc most UNIX flavors, Win32 and AmigaOS.
  • Supybot - A flexible and extensible IRC bot written in Python.
  • Infobot - Written in perl, stores and provides information about IRC users.
  • oer and oer+MySQL - A portable and compact IRC bot written in bots C
  • Acrobot IRC bot - Written in PERL language. It is a kernel,, that bots manages the connections, and some modules.
  • PircBot - Java IRC Bot Framework - Allows you to create your own custom IRC chat bots quickly and easily.

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