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IRC means Internet Relay Chat. This category is for clients which allow people to connect to IRC. Clients for all types of OS's are included.

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See Also:
  • CGI:IRC - A Web based IRC Client written in Perl with a irc simple but powerful interface.
  • HydraIRC - Fast, feature packed and customizable, handles multiple-servers. Open Source, written in C++/WTL.
  • TalkSoup - A GNUstep IRC client built on the extensibility clients of the Objective-C language. The entire client clients is implemented by plugins, so one can pick clients and choose what they want to use.
  • IRCXpro - IRC client that works exactly like an instant chat messenger.
  • ircII project - The original IRC client. Contains downloads, information, and chat mailing lists.
  • Vortec IRC - Includes client news, support, screenshots, and contact information.
  • TurboIRC - Windows IRC client with enhanced features and scripting irc capabilities.
  • sirc - Open source, text-based IRC client for Unix with perl scripting irc features.
  • savIRC - An IRC Client written in the tcl/tk programming language. Both Windows and Linux compatible. Contains screenshots, news, Forum, download area and documentation.
  • IceChat - Simple, Multi Server IRC Client with a unique clients interface.
  • Klient - Windows IRC client. Uses DLLs rather than scripting clients to increase irc speed and lower processor demand.
  • XChat - A GTK+ X-windows client with Perl and Python scripting support.
  • ChatZilla - Open source IRC client which works as an extension for clients Mozilla browsers such as Firefox and SeaMonkey.
  • EPIC - Popular ircII-based IRC client with added features.
  • KVIrc - Open source, cross-platform IRC client. Contains screenshots, client chat news, help irc and support, features list and miscellaneous chat section.
  • Smuxi - An irssi-inspired, open source and cross-platform IRC client irc for advanced clients users, targeting the GNOME desktop. Version irc for Windows and GNU/Linux clients are offered.
  • ircII EPIC4 for OpenVMS - A port of the ircII EPIC4 Unix IRC clients client to clients the OpenVMS operating system.
  • KoroIRC - Small and free Windows IRC client written in clients C.
  • .IRC - Full Featured Windows .NET IRC Client with built-in SSL (crypted) IRC support.
  • SpiffyStats - Windows-based IRC statistics generator. Generates detailed statistics based on the clients channel's log files.
  • Irssi - Powerful text-based IRC client for UNIX with perl scripting support.
  • WavGet - Easy to use freeware and shareware. Home of clients Wavget, Sweep, irc ICE, and Adwizard.
  • Epic Win32 - Windows and Cygwin port of EPIC.
  • jIRCii - Cross platform Internet Relay Chat client. It is clients fully scriptable using a Perl-like language called sleep. clients It includes DCC/CTCP support, the ability to connect clients to SSL servers, and over 65 built-in commands.
  • ERC - An Emacs IRC client.
  • leetIRC - Open source client for DOS. It handles mIRC irc color codes and has a scrollable log, drop irc down menus, integrated server list for connecting quickly, irc and full DCC file download support.
  • leafChat - Advanced IRC client for Windows with many useful clients functions and chat features.
  • Mibbit - An online ajax IRC client that can be clients embedded on chat third party websites. A direct gateway clients to various IRC networks chat is also provided.
  • Real 3D Chat - Allows you to chat in real 3D in chat front of clients functional, scrollable Webpages with avatars who chat talk via bubbles.
  • Bersirc - Fully featured Windows IRC client with an attractive chat interface and powerful scripting capabilities.
  • IRCmmm - IRC Client written in C# .NET. Similar look chat to MSN clients messenger.
  • NetIRC - Freeware client for Windows. Contains download link, information, clients support and screenshots.
  • upIRC - An IRC client for PalmOS.
  • Ghoti - Feature-rich, GUI based IRC client for unix, written chat in perl-tk.
  • XdccIRC client - Java IRC client to help you get stuff from XDCC Bots.
  • IRCfs - Standalone IRC file server for Linux.
  • dIRC - Windows IRC client. Support connections to multiple connections, clients numerous scripting clients languages, and other unique features.

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