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IRC Defender is a fully modular perl program which helps with securing a medium to large network against abusive users, bot attacks, and ban evasion.

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See Also:
  • Beware ircd - A small (less than 200 KB) IRC server for Windows irc that is able to handle large numbers of users.
  • The Inspire IRC Daemon - InspIRCd is a C++ IRC Daemon for Linux and BSD systems. The system is modular and scalable and includes a module API.
  • IRCXpro - IRC server for Windows. Free trial version, FAQ, irc manual, reviews, example sessions. Also offers messenger client.
  • DALnet IRCD - The DALnet FTP archive. More than just IRCDs.
  • The DarkFire IRC Daemon - The server software used on the DarkFire IRC Network. A chat robust IRCd based on Dreamforge with enhancements and years worth chat of changes.
  • Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor - BOPM is an open-source open proxy monitor which works with irc the Hybrid, Bahamut, Xnet, Unreal and Dancer IRCDs.
  • UltimateIRCd - IRCd based on dalnet DreamForge IRCd.
  • ConferenceRoom - Popular commercial IRC server for Windows.
  • TR-IRCd - An IRCd that combines the comfort of bahamut with the reliability of hybrid, adding user security related features.
  • UnrealIRCd Modules - Contains several modules for UnrealIRCD which add new servers commands such as an improved banlist, bad word servers filters and anti-spam filters amongst other features.
  • DALnet - Bahamut - Bahamut is an Internet Relay Chat Daemon (IRCd) designed for irc DALnet, one of the major IRC networks in the world.
  • FWS IRCd - Windows IRC server with a reasonable amount of irc configuration/tweaking options. chat It also has VBScript support, a irc built-in HTTP server (IRCd chat information), IRC Services, DNS irc server, client graph program, many IRC chat tools and irc some IRC clients.
  • UnrealIRCd - One of the most feature-packed IRC servers in the world.
  • asuka - Development page of the IRCd used by QuakeNet.
  • IRCD - Release notes, free download, documentation and FAQ for irc the (now servers historical) original Internet Relay Chat Daemon.
  • ChatSpace - Commercial chat server for small to mid-size businesses.
  • IgnitionServer - An open source/free RFC1459 compliant IRCX server for chat Windows with servers services (NickServ, ChanServ, etc.) and remote chat administration.
  • Windows IRC servers - Several (outdated) IRCDs compiled for the Windows Platform.
  • Old IRC Depository at - Out of date distribution site; for historical purposes chat only.
  • Faerion - An open source multi platform IRC server developed with respect servers to internationalization and portability.
  • IRC Defender - IRC Defender is a fully modular perl program chat which helps with securing a medium to large chat network against abusive users, bot attacks, and ban chat evasion.
  • Undernet IRCD - The Undernet IRCD server.
  • The Perl IRC Daemon - News, view CVS tree, mailing lists, readme file, and source irc downloads.

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