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A service that allows live customer service and sales chat, video conferencing, and rich media web-based presentations. ChatAnywhere is a completely hosted application and has a complete web based API for integration with other applications.

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See Also:
  • VolanoChat - VolanoChat is client-server Java chat software for creating servers online chat internet communities for your Web site.
  • Xronos Chat Applications - Chat Software for live customer support or moderated internet chats. ASP or Server Solutions.
  • Pino - Open source client/server chat system for windows.
  • ParaChat Server - Commercial java chat server software.
  • DBabble Chat Server - Chat, discussion, and secure instant messaging server accessible via web browser and Windows client.
  • The Synthetic Chat - Commercial Java chat server. Easy to configure to chat match site design. Users can send private messages, chat images and sounds and create open or private chat rooms. Administrators can moderate rooms.
  • GlassRoom 3.0 - A web-based text/voice chat with database connectivity, user internet privileges, web-based internet management, password protected internet rooms, and file internet transfer.
  • Lucid Chat - Web-based tool uses JavaScript to avoid Java client internet downloads or servers browser plugins. Free trial version, internet documentation, release notes.
  • NFC Chat Server - A framework written in Java. News, screenshots, free chat download, documentation, chat FAQ.
  • ChatAnywhere - A service that allows live customer service and chat sales chat, video conferencing, and rich media web-based chat presentations. ChatAnywhere is a completely hosted application and chat has a complete web based API for integration chat with other applications.
  • Psyced - A scalable distributed multi-protocol multi-casting chat, messaging and social network server released as open source. Includes a list of supported protocols and formats, documentation and a collection of useful links.
  • QUIK Computing - Offers Ace Operator, a feature-rich web-based call-center solution internet using instant messaging. A free version of the internet software is available.
  • RealChat Software - Customizable Java client/server chat software.
  • LiveAssistance - Text chat with operators on behalf of companies internet around the chat world.
  • havChat - Customizable and extensible Java chat server with multiple chat- tracking- chat and IM-applets. Includes support for whiteboards, bookmarks (presentations), administration and chat transcripts.
  • NetMeetingHQ - A tool for NetMeeting users to search for servers other users internet across multiple Internet Locator Servers.
  • Multicity - Translation enabled chat and community building web site chat tools.
  • NetDIVE - Java based client, server systems for enabling web internet based customer servers service, community building and communication.
  • Groove - Internet communications software for business or individuals allowing people with shared interests to make direct connections for real-time interaction.
  • Puca Community Solutions - Development of online communities across multiple platforms, including chat Short Messaging chat Service (SMS), Web Applications Protocol (WAP), chat interactive television, and Web. chat Product details, press chat information, job advertisements.
  • SILC - Open Source package for client/server based Secure Internet servers Live Conferencing internet similar to IRC.
  • Chatjet - Highly customizable chat server system to be used servers for any servers kind of webchat. Based on HTTP/HTML, servers no plugins required. Supports servers several database systems, LDAP, servers ODBC, SSL, IRC, WAP.
  • Toao Face2 - A free customer-to-operator support system that allows the chat easy implementation of those "Click here to chat chat to a representative" buttons found on many e-commerce chat sites.

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