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Lots of bug fixes and tweaks for the mail client in Opera. You need to be competent with a hex editor, but the fixed files are also downloadable.

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Opera* - Browser for multiple platforms. Features include mail, news and ICQ clients, rss, IRC, projection mode, WML support, mouse gestures and extensive keyboard support.

  • Opera for Mobile - Information and news about Opera\\'s web browser for smartphones and www PDAs.
  • Opera's search.ini illustrated - Explains what all the entries in Opera\\'s search.ini mean and how to add custom search engines.
  • Opera Web Browser Changelogs - Changelogs for the Opera web browser.
  • Opera Web Browser Knowledge Base - Information to help you if you have a specific problem browsers or a technical question about using Opera.
  • Joe's Slim Software - Freeware programs by Josef W Segur, including OFE opera and O4FE, opera file explorers, also OpWic, an opera Opera windows controller.
  • Opera Public Mailing Lists - Opera mailing lists.
  • Opera Show - Information about making presentations for display in the web browser, opera including an online generator, and software download.
  • Opera Watch - A weblog covering the latest buzz on the Opera browser www and its competition.
  • Opera Fixes and Tweaks - Lots of bug fixes and tweaks for the mail client browsers in Opera. You need to be competent with a hex browsers editor, but the fixed files are also downloadable.
  • My Opera - Skins for Opera, forums, links, polls and daily opera comic.
  • Quickshow - A presentation authoring tool. The presentations are displayable with the browsers Opera web browser in OperaShow mode.
  • Opera Widgets - Small desktop applications for those using the Opera browser. browsers Categories include web tools, games, music and news. Also, browsers can create own widget.
  • Opera Users FAQ - An independent FAQ compiled from regular questions and answers posted to the Opera mailing list.
  • Opera for Symbian OS - Information including FAQ sections, bug lists and reviews www for Opera www 5 and 3.62 for the Symbian www platform.
  • Tutti all'opera (Away from the browsersaurii) - Discussion and essays about the Opera browser.
  • Bookmarklets for Opera - Free tools for power surfing. Each tool is opera a small JavaScript application which you can bookmark opera directly from the page and use from your opera Bookmarks or Hotlist.
  • Opera for Linux Browser FAQ - Answers frequently asked questions regarding Opera for Linux. Many of www the tips and tricks are applicable to all platforms, such www as how to customize search queries and URL filtering.
  • Opera Bug Report Form - Bugs found in any version on any platform can be reported here.
  • Opera Web Browser WIKI - A collection of information relating to tips, customization, www and technical browsers details of the Opera web browser

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