Mail Clients Internet Software

Computer applications for reading, handling, and/or sending electronic mail.

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See Also:
  • SimpleMail - A new mailer for the Amiga platform (both clients classic and clients OS4) and compatible systems (MorphOS).
  • OpenSmtp.Net - An SMTP component written in C#. Allows developers to use SMTP servers other than MS SMTP and has a web service that allows the sending of email via HTTP/SOAP. [BSD License.] Windows only.
  • Mozilla Mail/News - Technical information and project documentation of the integrated email and internet news client in the Mozilla Suite.
  • i.Scribe/InScribe - A lightweight cross platform email client, supporting POP3, clients IMAP4 (fetch), internet [E]SMTP, SOCKS5, and MIME with an clients integrated contact database and internet calendar.
  • eMailman - Enables using third party e-mail programs to receive internet or send mail AOL mail.
  • Mahogany - An OpenSource cross-platform mail and news client available clients for X11/Unix and MS Win32 platforms, supporting SMTP, clients POP3, IMAP, NNTP, and full MIME support.

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