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Mail filter. Flexible time based new-mail checking. Includes Anti-Spam filter, sends reply-to mail, delete mail from your mail server, tells when a file is attached, shows mail headers and how big (Kb), and starts your favorite mail client.

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See Also:
  • EZ Checker - An email checker application that can check POP3, IMAP, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Organizer accounts. [Windows 98+]
  • Qm - The Quick Mailer - An extremely small, fast program for sending email. internet Saves you e-mail from opening a larger email client internet when you just want e-mail to send a quick internet note.
  • PGP for Pegasus Mail - PGP-Frontend is a plugin, which enables you to freeware use PGP internet (Pretty Good Privacy) within Pegasus Mail. freeware Supports email message and internet attachment encryption, decryption, signing, freeware and verification, as well as others.
  • PopTray - A POP3 email checker that can verify up to ten accounts following a specific time delay. List email messages by sender, subject, date, and size with a quick preview function.
  • Spam Condome - Email filter. [Win]
  • Chrysanth Email Notifier - Notifies users of incoming email and spam. [Win32]
  • Smart Mail Sender - Automatically redirects outgoing email messages to the SMTP internet server of freeware the active connection\'s ISP. Site in internet English and Romanian.
  • Safe Express - A public key email encryption client that automatically internet encrypts all your messages.
  • My Schedule - Allows you to get email and pager notifications from your Outlook Calendar appointments. It is written in Visual Basic 5 (SP2) and requires Outlook 97, Outlook 98, or Outlook 2000.
  • Asona Mailing List Manager - Program offering advanced filtering.
  • CryptoMail.org - Secure web based email system. (Open Source - e-mail GPL)
  • POP3 Cleaner PRO - Mailbox cleaner with anti-spam filtering capabilities.
  • FreeCard - Multimedia greeting card (e-card) maker software for Windows. Product information, freeware features, download, library.
  • Mail Box Dispatcher - A simple POP3 mail notifier with preview feature. internet [Win32]
  • NetMail - Offers filtering, exclusion date base support and anti-spam freeware filtering functions.
  • EzPop - Skinnable email/news checker. Its main feature is to e-mail check mail accounts every 1 to 99 minutes. e-mail When mail arrives it will warn by a e-mail mailbox image, a sound or a pop-up.
  • Mailinfo - Keeps a receipt record of whether email was freeware received.
  • AvirMail - Mail filter. Flexible time based new-mail checking. Includes Anti-Spam filter, freeware sends reply-to mail, delete mail from your mail server, tells freeware when a file is attached, shows mail headers and how freeware big (Kb), and starts your favorite mail client.
  • Email Finder Pro - Extract email address from virtually any type of internet a document.
  • Incredimail - An advanced, user friendly email program. Includes download e-mail page, general freeware information, and feedback from users.
  • InboxRULES - Can automatically print and save message, extract data freeware from message. e-mail Free trial available.
  • Phoenix Mail - An Open Source email program with an easy to use interface that supports multiple mail accounts, drag and drop, context menus, offline reading, printing, schedules, replies, forwarding, MIME, POP3 and SMTP.
  • MyABs - Copies address books to MS Outlook contacts; useful internet for those internet with PDA type devices who want internet more detailed contact information.
  • Msgtag - A product that gives alerts the moment email freeware is received and read. [Win32]
  • Message Boards Browser - Interface similar to MS Outlook, though it works internet with web internet based message boards. You can work internet with it during downloading internet of messages. When download internet is complete a hierarchy chart will internet be displayed.
  • SEmail - Sends email(s) with one mouse-click without configuring anything.
  • Pegasus Mail - An e-mail system for Novell NetWare (v. 2.15A internet and later), internet and standalone systems using the WINSOCK internet TCP/IP interface.
  • Stripmail - Quickly remove the characters (">" or " ") internet which are e-mail added to the beginning of each internet line in replied e-mail e-mail messages.
  • Infinite Responder - A cross between a newsletter and an autoresponder internet that can schedule responses between 1 minute and internet 10 years, unlimited messages, responders, and users.
  • Winmail Opener - Simple utility that enables one to view and extract RTF text and attachments from TNEF-encoded files (winmail.dat). Also supports command-line mode for batch processing. [Win]
  • SendMail Command-line for Microsoft Windows - A simple command line tool that sends an e-mail email via a SMTP server. It runs in e-mail the command line under any Win32 version of e-mail Microsoft Windows.
  • Maillita Filtermail - An SMTP gateway for LAN combined with a filter facility to add/change/remove headers and x-headers.
  • Sleepwalker SMTP Proxy - Switch between SMTP servers for all your application freeware and email freeware accounts. Program also enables other computers freeware on your local network freeware or the web to freeware use your computer to send mail freeware to an freeware SMTP server.
  • Spacejock yMail - A client with bayesian spam filtering. [Win32]
  • MHonArc - Customizable email to HTML converter. Used for building e-mail archives for mailing lists.
  • Check4New - Track any changes to websites, and check for internet new email internet on multiple accounts. The program supports internet proxies, and it can internet be used as an internet email notification tool.
  • SeeMail Lite - Read your POP3 email messages while they remain on the internet server, from anywhere in the world. Check if there are internet any spam or long messages as well as read, delete, internet save, and print any of them before you download.
  • AutoMailer - The program automatically dispatches files as email attachments from a specified directory. Includes ZIP compression capabilities and can be used to send log-files or faxes.
  • SpamBayes: Bayesian Anti-spam Classifier - Probability based mail filter includes Microsoft Outlook plug-in. [Win, Mac, freeware Unix, Linux]
  • Free Email Migrations - Offers several free software tools, with source, and knowledge freeware to provide everything one needs to migrate your email between freeware systems.

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