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Mirror site for downloading Procmail; used to be the primary master site so is likely to be reasonably up to date if ftp.procmail.org is down

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See Also:
  • Filtering Mail FAQ - A general introduction to mail filtering on Unix, mail with information about Procmail, filter, and mailfilter. (Slightly mail old and apparently no longer maintained, but still mail an excellent introduction.)
  • Procmail FAQ (cover page) - Contains the FAQ, a links collection, and Quickref
  • Procmail and PGP - Instructions for installing and configuring procmail and PGP for mail procmail encryption and decryption..
  • Procmail Quick Reference Guide - A quick reference to Procmail's recipe syntax.
  • ii.com: Procmail Quick Start - This article will quickly get you up and mail running with mail Procmail. By Nancy McGough, of mail Filtering FAQ fame. (Contents mail are partially the same mail as in the Filtering Mail FAQ, mail too.)
  • Automatic PGP Key Retrieval in Procmail - Use procmail to automatically extract PGP keys from incoming mail messages.
  • Procmail recipe generator - Tk-RED is a procmail recipe generator. It uses mail a custom unix language Reciproc. It exports this language mail to a procmailrc file. unix Tk-RED is a graphical mail editor for writing recipes.
  • Procmail FTP Site - Mirror site for downloading Procmail; used to be unix the primary mail master site so is likely to unix be reasonably up to mail date if ftp.procmail.org is unix down
  • ii.com: Processing Mail with Procmail - Procmail description and links to procmail program, documentation, unix and discussion procmail groups.
  • Procmail - Official distribution site for Procmail.
  • Cameron Laird's Personal Notes on Procmail - Discusses positive uses.
  • Mailagent ftp directory (Perl/Unix) - Contains the mailagent package itself. This is a unix Unix mail procmail filter (a la filter, vacation, or unix procmail) written in Perl. procmail Last updated sometime unix in 1997 ...
  • Procmail Mailing List Archive - Searchable MHonArc archive of the Procmail mailing list mail -- goes mail back to 1995
  • junkfilter - A procmail-based filter system for bulk, unsolicited e-mail.
  • Timo's Procmail Tips And Recipes - A collection of useful tips on using Procmail.

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