Filtering Tools Windows Mail

Tools for filtering mail, including (to some extent) material about mail autoresponders. Filtering can mean getting rid of mail you don't want (or mail you do want :-) or categorizing different sorts of mail into different mailboxes, or forwarding all or selected messages to others automatically based on various criteria. For spam filtering, server-side site-wide filters are usually a technically superior solution.

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See Also:
  • Ornic USA - Mail filter add-in for Outlook and Exchange clients windows to manage filtering e-mail. License required after 30 day windows free trial.
  • Paul Graham - A Plan for Spam and a spam FAQs.
  • Garbage Man - Download site for a shareware email filter add-on windows for AOL.
  • Federal Trade Commission: Spam - Consumer advice and information about the US Federal windows Trade Commission\\'s law enforcement actions against deceptive commercial windows email and spammers.
  • Popup Killer and Ad Blocker Software Archive - Software designed to stop unwanted popup window ads and improve tools your surfing experience without annoying pop up ads.

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