Tools Windows Mail Clients

Shareware software that helps you to backup and/or transfer mail client settings to another computer. Supports a number of Windows mail clients.

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See Also:
  • ActivEmail - Software for email delivery from any ASP, VB, windows Visual C++ or other COM application.
  • eCleaner - A freeware application that cleans up e-mails that tools have been windows forwarded several times.
  • Mailrules - File transfer utility for large files usually blocked by your ISP.
  • BackRex Mail Backup - Shareware software that helps you to backup and/or windows transfer mail tools client settings to another computer. Supports windows a number of Windows tools mail clients.
  • SoftMailCheck - Reviews e-mails on the server before downloading them.
  • eNetBot Mail - POP3 SMTP agent to read and send AOL mail from tools major POP3 mail clients like Outlook, Eudora, Outlook Express and tools others.
  • Xobni - Microsoft Outlook inbox management add-in offering fast searching, attachment and phone number discovery for contacts. Also offers analytics and threaded conversations functionality. [Outlook required]
  • SoftPostCard - Send photos, maps, audio and video clips along with a windows personalised message in a postcard format.
  • Connected Software - Address Book Transfer - Converts between many popular formats including Outlook, WAB, mail Exchange Server, Eudora, and Netscape. Transfer e-mail addresses, mail distribution lists, comments, and phone numbers.
  • Web2Pop - Allows the reading of Web-based e-mail accounts through standard e-mail windows clients.
  • MS-TNEF Degenerator - Web-based program to decode Microsoft Outlook-formatted e-mail attachments.
  • X-Ray Application Software - Offers configurable privacy options and easy switching of mail server mail settings.
  • Handy Email - System tray utility that allows users to quickly tools send messages without launching a full-featured e-mail client.
  • Advanced Attachments Processor - Software designed to extract email attachments from Outlook, windows Outlook Express, windows Netscape and others.
  • Email Slicer - Addon which helps sending very large attachments past windows difficult connections and restrictive servers.
  • Blat - Public Domain Windows 95/NT console utility that sends mail the contents tools of a file in an e-mail mail message using the SMTP tools protocol.

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