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This software is designed to permanently erase computer files, temporary Internet files, cookies, Internet history, and recently used files and documents.

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Software for Anonymous Surfing* - Advanced proxy agent operating a database with hundreds of public anonymous proxy servers from all over the world.

  • CuteShield Track Eraser - Protects privacy by cleaning up all the tracks clients of Internet encryption and privacy and computer activities. Securely deletes all clients cookies, cache, history, and encryption and privacy temp files.
  • Steganos Security Suite - A suite of tools to encrypt data, provide encrypted e-mail, encryption and privacy remove Internet traces, and provides protection from hackers.
  • Easy Eraser - Cleans Internet Tracks, cookies, history, and cache.
  • NSClean and IEClean Privacy Software - Cleans up all traces of surfing activity.
  • SurfSecret - Software to surf anonymously by removing traces left clients behind (cache, internet history) on your computer from web clients surfing.
  • Stealth Message - Stealth Message offers a free online messaging system clients designed for communicating sensitive and confidential information. clients It ensures your privacy, allowing you to communicate clients in complete confidence with friends and colleagues.
  • Zdelete - This software is designed to permanently erase computer files, temporary Internet files, cookies, Internet history, and recently used files and documents.
  • Data Security Solutions Encryption Plus - Provides strong encryption for secure email, ftp, messaging, file encryption, encryption and privacy software development tools, custom programming.
  • OptOut - Internet spyware detection and removal from Gibson Research.
  • Complete Cleanup - Shareware that removes all cookies, cache, history, and internet more, for internet Netscape, Internet Explorer, and AOL.
  • InternetPeace Software - Software enabling browser cleaning (cookies, cache, and auto clients complete) and encryption and privacy password encrypting files, favories and a clients password wallet. Also includes encryption and privacy file shredding to military clients standards.
  • Stay Invisible - Daily updated list of really functioning public proxy servers.
  • SecureAgent Software - Specializes in secure encryption e-mail, enterprise management, e-commerce internet and site internet management.
  • MegaCryption/MVS - cryptography made easy - Offers Megacryption/MVS software cryptography solution for OS/390. encryption and privacy Site provides encryption/decryption for enhanced data confidentiality.
  • Tolvanen Software - An advanced secure data removal tool for Windows. Eraser is encryption and privacy free software and its source code is released under GNU encryption and privacy General Public License.
  • Cypherus Encryption Software - Encryption software and document shredders for file, e-mail, internet data, and Internet security.
  • Ammonet Secure - Browser-based encrypted transmission of credit card and cheque clients details to clients a secure database for later, off-line clients processing.
  • Alliance FTP Manager PGP Option - Offers the transferring of sensitive data over the clients Internet with internet AS/400 FTP and PGP Encryption.
  • Data Security by Unbreakable Encryption Meganet Corporation - Offering data security solutions by unbreakable encryption using Virtual Matrix Encryption, Meganet\\'s client-focused products base for laptop, desktop, and corporate privacy including VME2000, VMEmail, Fast Encryption Software Developer Kit and VME Secure

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