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International PGP Home Page* - PGP Resources outside of the U.S. and Canada. Serves as a PGP code and document repository for the PGP user community. It also keeps up-to-date PGP news, vulnerabilities, and hotfixes.
PGP Corporation* - Commercial PGP offerings for multiple platforms and applications.

  • Phil Zimmermann's Home Page - Phil Zimmermann is the original creator of PGP cryptography and a pgp founder of PGP, Inc. This cryptography site offers historical PGP pgp background and current resource cryptography links.
  • DSJ Networks PGP Resources - A superior collection of PGP annotated resources and products and tools links to include books, tutorials, utilities, news, and products and tools articles.
  • PGP Web-of-trust Statistics - Statistics about the position of all keys within the web-of-trust.
  • IETF OpenPGP Working Group - Provides IETF standards for the algorithms and formats products and tools of PGP processed objects as well as products and tools providing the MIME framework for exchanging them via products and tools e-mail or other transport protocols.
  • Open PGP Alliance - The OpenPGP Alliance is a growing group of companies and other organizations that are implementers of the OpenPGP standard. The Alliance works to facilitate technical interoperability and marketing synergy between OpenPGP implementations.
  • PGP-Users Mailing List Home Page - Home page of the PGP-Users Mailing List and many good products and tools PGP related links.
  • PGP pathfinder and key statistics - Lookup the statistics of your PGP key. The products and tools products and tools pathfinder finds trust paths between your key and products and tools products and tools some other key in the PGP web of products and tools products and tools trust.
  • PGP Digital Timestamping Service - Stamper is a free digital timestamping service which products and tools products and tools uses PGP and operates via Internet email.

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