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PGP® or Pretty Good Privacy® is a powerful cryptographic product family that enables people to securely exchange messages, and to secure files, disk volumes and network connections with both privacy and strong authentication.

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  • Prime Factors, Inc. - Source of OpenPGP (RFC 2440) software for multiple platforms - Windows, Unix, OS/400 and zOS.
  • WebStore - PGP Encryption - Configuration details for PGP encrypted administrative e-mail in cryptography WebStore.
  • myPGP - Experimental PGP clone - myPGP is a free software (GPLed) clone of PGP, and software can be used to encrypt, decrypt and sign messages in software a public key system.
  • Authora is a founding member of the Open PGP Alliance - Authora is dedicated to promoting the use of software PGP worldwide. software The Authora SoveriegnSuite includes ZENDIT, software for digital signing, encrypting software and access control. software ZENDIT can also integrate X.509 Certificates.
  • CryptoEx PGP and S/MIME Software - Products and Technologies for OpenPGP and S/MIME integration software for corporate use. Advanced client products for Microsoft software Outlook, Lotus Notes, Hard Disk Encryption and others. software PKI Technology for CA/RA integration of PGP and software X.509.
  • PentaSuite - PentaSuite: File management/deployment with Thumbnail-based Viewer (JPG, BMP). software Email/Antivirus support. 15 Compression Formats: ZIP, ZGB, ZIP64, software LHa, etc. CD Burning CD-RW/CD-R. Multi-volume. FTP. Strong software Encryption PGP, and AES.
  • PGP Components for Delphi - Free components providing encoding, decoding and several key cryptography management functions for Delphi versions.
  • MIT Distribution Center for PGP - PGP® or Pretty Good Privacy® is a powerful software cryptographic product software family that enables people to securely software exchange messages, and to software secure files, disk volumes software and network connections with both privacy software and strong software authentication.
  • Zendit and Sovereign by Authora Inc. - Develops and supports ZENDIT simple to use public cryptography key technology for encryption, digital signatures, and digital cryptography identity software that is compliant with the OpenPGP cryptography standard. Authora is a founding member of cryptography the Open PGP Alliance.
  • Macintosh PGP - Reviews of Macintosh specific PGP applications.
  • Z1 SecureMail Gateway - Email gateway software from Zertificon Solutions GmbH which cryptography uses Open software PGP and S/MIME to automatically encrypt, cryptography decrypt, sign e-mail and software verify signatures.
  • Private Idaho Email - Secure email using PGP 5 or 6, and also one-way pgp anonymous (recipient cannot reply) and two-way anonymous (recipient can reply, pgp but not trace who you are) remailing.
  • SlimPGP - Freeware pure Java implementation of OpenPGP. Can be used as class library. A command line utility is also provided to complish common tasks.
  • GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) - The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is a free replacement for pgp PGP.
  • EasyByte Cryptocx - Cryptocx is an encryption control that has full PGP support. You can use PGP keys to encrypt/decrypt strings and files from within your applications or ASP sites.
  • Open PGP Command Line EDGE - Encrypted Data Gateway Engine (EDGe) is an Open cryptography PGP compliant Command Line that runs on most cryptography Unix platforms and Windows. Embed automatic encryption, decryption, cryptography digital signing and verification into countless business applications cryptography and processes.
  • SharpPrivacy - GUI based open source implementation of the OpenPGP protocol written cryptography in C#. News, forum and downloads. [Windows]
  • Veridis - Veridis is a Software Manufacturer providing commercial OpenPGP Solutions.

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