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Many programs are available with are "front-ends" or interfaces for the command-line version of PGP. Additionally, many plug-ins are available to integrate various versions of PGP into popular e-mail programs. This category is for websites which feature PGP front-ends and plug-ins.

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  • Belize Offshore PGPmail - PGPmail provides SSL and PGP/GPG encrypted secure offshore webmail from the privacy haven of Belize.
  • PGP/MIME - Secure E-mail Clients - Excellent list of email-clients that support PGP/MIME. It pgp includes additional cryptography information such as operating system, plugins pgp and PGP/MIME advantages in cryptography general.
  • Seahorse - Seahorse is a Gnome front end for the cryptography GnuPG (Gnu front-ends and plug-ins Privacy Guard) file encryption/decryption program. Both cryptography English and Japanese support front-ends and plug-ins is provided.
  • Envelope for Mac - Offers Envelope plug-in for Eudora on the Mac. pgp Also front-ends and plug-ins features a download of the demonstration pgp version.
  • CompanyCRYPT server based email encryption - CompanyCRYPT for MIMEsweeper is a server based email front-ends and plug-ins encryption for PGP and S/MIME. Encryption and signing front-ends and plug-ins happens central and without any interaction of the front-ends and plug-ins user. CompanyCRYPT allows virus scanner and anti-spam filter front-ends and plug-ins to check encrypted eMails.
  • Command Code - SpyShield PGP encryption plug-in for instant messaging, including MSN cryptography Messenger Service. Site provides information about security, PGP encryption, and cryptography related technologies.
  • DOS-based PGP Frontends - List of directly downloadable PGP Front-ends for DOS.
  • PGPClick - PGPClick is a front-end for Pretty Good Privacy cryptography (for Windows)
  • PGP Frontends - A collection of local and external links to frontends for pgp DOS, Windows, and other platforms.
  • PGP Tools from Net Services - Mollusc 5 - Plugin for various mail programs running on DOS cryptography and Windows. Information about supported mail programs and cryptography download area.

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