Public Key Infrastructure Security Computers

This category is for sites providing an overview of Public Key Infrastructure, what it is, how it works etc.

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  • NIST PKI Program - An initiative to coordinate industry and technical groups public key infrastructure developing PKI technology to foster interoperability of PKI public key infrastructure products and projects. (National Institute of standards and public key infrastructure Technology)
  • Dartmouth College PKI Lab - Project to develop inter-institutional applications. Includes related public key infrastructure computers links, research information and results, and contact information.
  • Everything you Never Wanted to Know about PKI but were Forced to Find Out - Introductory slides by Peter Gutmann at the University computers of Auckland.[PDF]
  • Query Certificate Managers - Managing authenticated transmission of sensitive information over an insecure network.
  • The PKI Page - This page contains links to various sites and security documents related security to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) material, security especially links certificate authorities security (CAs). (Stefan Kelm)
  • Public Key Infrastructure - Standards developed by the Open Group regarding PKI.

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