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Intent based filtering technology. Simply better e-mail. You plug it in, and all that junk email just goes away. [Hardware]

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  • Corvigo, Inc. - Intent based filtering technology. Simply better e-mail. spam filtering You plug it in, and all that junk spam filtering email just goes away. [Hardware]
  • - Spam killer software. It blocks spam before servers it is servers even delivered to your mail server. servers [Windows]
  • CanIt - CanIt is a flexible server-based anti-spam solution built spam filtering around spam filtering SpamAssassin. [Unix]
  • mxGuard - The purpose of this add-on is to intercept each message servers passing through the IMail server. It then runs a range servers of tests to determine if the message is unsolicited commercial servers e-mail (UCE), commonly referred to as junk mail or spam. servers [Windows]
  • MailFrontier - An internet security company offering solutions to prevent spam, phishing, servers viruses, policy violations, and denial of service attacks. [Hardware]
  • Hijack Protection from anonymous Dial-in Access - Prevents SMTP hijacking (outgoing spam) of the respective mail MX SMTP Server from anonymous Dial-In Users. [Unix]
  • RBL Spam Daemon - A small, fast, open-source spam filter. Designed to spam filtering work with or replace SpamAssassin. Uses DNSBL lookups spam filtering to discriminate spam. [Unix]
  • JSpamFilter - JSpamFilter is Java-based, performs both source and content filtering, and provides a variety of treatment options. It is high-performance and highly customizable. [Java]
  • Message Sniffer - Accurate, multi-platform spam filter updated several times per spam filtering day using 60,000+ heuristics. Typically scans messages in spam filtering under 200 milliseconds on modest hardware. [Unix,Windows]
  • Hamster RBL-Check for Windows - Free open-source software for users of the free Windows Hamster spam filtering local news and mail server, to filter out spam using spam filtering any of the publicly available Realtime Block Lists (RBL). [Windows]
  • Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall - The Barracuda Spam Firewall handles over 10 million spam filtering messages a day, without bogging down your email spam filtering servers. [Hardware]
  • MailShield - MailShield filters e-mail before it gets to the servers mail server. Customizable. Free trial available. [Unix,Windows]
  • Using Exim 4 ACLs - This article explains how to set up ACLs in Exim 4 to reject spam.
  • trimMail Inbox - Appliance filters mail coming into your network for spam filtering spam and dangerous content. [Hardware]
  • Spam Sleuth Enterprise - Anti-spam software that filters spam, viruses, web bugs, spam filtering and phishing scams. Eliminates unwanted junk e-mail from spam filtering corporate servers. [Windows]
  • Mail Warden Pro - Mail Warden Pro is E-mail server security software spam filtering with spam filtering anti-spam, anti-virus and content filtering for any spam filtering mailserver. [Windows]
  • White List Email (WLE) - Challenge/response system. Multi-platform filtering free software written mail on Python. mail WLE requires a confirmation from unknown mail senders before delivering their mail mail in your mailbox. mail [Unix]
  • PowerElf II - The PowerElf II anti-spam appliance uses several different spam filtering techniques mail to help stop spam at its entry spam filtering point, before mail it has a chance to travel spam filtering to the end-user’s mail mailbox. [Hardware]
  • ESCOM Corporation - The Active SMTP Appliance is a hardware appliance mail that dynamically filters and quarantines junk e-mail before mail it gets to the mail server. [Hardware]
  • Debian open source gateway email spam filter - Explains how to build a Debian anti-spam and servers anti-virus gateway spam filtering E-mail server using Postfix, amavisd-new, SpamAssassin, servers Razor, DCC, Pyzor and spam filtering ClamAV.[Unix]
  • jASEN - A Java program using a Chi Square algorithm to detect spam. It is best suited to developers wishing to integrate anti-spam services into an existing server based java E-mail application, but can be used for client applications. [Java]
  • Extensible Messaging Platform - Anti-Spam Firewall - Software intercepts spam, email-borne viruses, and other objectionable content before spam filtering reaching your organization\\'s mail server by utilizing complex contextual signatures spam filtering as opposed to simple keyword lists. [Unix, Windows]
  • HartSoft Catch - Advanced E-mail proxy incorporating Spamassassin. [Windows]
  • MailFoundry Antispam Appliance - A very effective anti-spam appliance. MailFoundry creates servers a spam firewall for effectively stopping spam. [hardware]
  • MailStripper - MailStripper is an SMTP-level spam filter with antivirus capability for mail Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. [Unix]
  • Spam filters & email security - ePrism secure email filter & spam control filter - ePrism is an email filter and spam filtering servers appliance that provides organizations with a total secure servers email perimeter defense solution. [Hardware]
  • Tethernet, Inc. - Tethernet TetherFilter is an easy to deploy, affordable anti-spam and servers anti-virus appliance that can be used in front of any servers existing Internet email server. [Hardware]
  • MailChannels - MailChannels eliminates false positives by using a new spam filtering technique servers using subdomains in E-mail addresses. [Windows]
  • Pinjo - Spam control using Blacklists, mark spam by modifying mail subject, anti relay possiblities. [Windows]
  • SPAMFilter ISP - Anti-spam software that acts as a proxy to existing SMTP servers. Filters E-mail based on DNS blacklists and individual filters such as keywords, IP, From address. [Unix,Windows]
  • Declude JunkMail - Advanced spam control using many different tests with a variety spam filtering of possible actions to take on spam. [Windows]

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