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A newsreader designed for browsing encoded pictures in newsgroups. It allows you to see previews of images before they're downloaded. Available for Mac and Windows.

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See Also:
  • JBinUp - Presents this Java based, freeware client for uploading binary files; usenet includes a support forum.
  • SABnzbdPlus - Open source, NZB capable binary newsgrabber written in usenet Python, server-oriented using a web-interface. The active successor usenet of the abandoned SABnzbd project.
  • NewsGreed - Open source Java application which automatically downloads binary articles from newsgroups. Supports automatic re-assembly of files split among articles.
  • Hellanzb - Open Source application able to retrieve nzb files clients and fully internet process them. Mac OS X and clients FreeBSD versions are supported, internet and there is also clients an unsupported Windows version.
  • NewsCoaster - Open source offline and online newsreader for the Amiga.
  • CancelMoose[tm] - Information about the NoCeM protocol in general, including internet a listing clients of news clients which understand NoCeM, internet a protocol for reducing clients spam and other undesired internet Usenet articles.
  • Diiva - A newsreader designed for browsing encoded pictures in clients newsgroups. It clients allows you to see previews of clients images before they\\'re downloaded. clients Available for Mac and clients Windows.
  • Binary News Reaper - Also known as BNR, this is an open source, NZB usenet capable news client for binary newsgroups only. Two detailed user usenet guides are available on the website in PDF format. For usenet GNU/Linux, Windows 95 and above.
  • Mozilla Mail/News - Technical information and project documentation of the integrated clients email and news client in the Mozilla Suite.
  • NZBGet - Command-line based binary newsgrabber for NZB files, written in C++. Supports client/server mode and automatic par check and repair.
  • XPN - Open source newsreader for Windows and GNU/Linux. Supports internet scoring, off line reading and X-Face headers.
  • NNTPGrab - Free and open source news grabber for binary clients newsgroups. Versions for Windows, Mac OS X and clients GNU/Linux are available.
  • Pan - Open source newsreader designed for both text and binary newsgroups. clients It supports offline reading, scoring, killfiles, and multiserver access. For clients Unix-like operating systems and Windows.
  • Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval - Certain minimal standards for writing and evaluating Usenet usenet software that conforms to netiquette. Ratings of newsreaders usenet and of a few web-based ways to gain usenet access to newsgroups.
  • AllNews - Freeware newsreader for Windows 3.x/9x/NT that "should" also internet work in clients Win2K, XP, OS/2. Built to support internet simultaneous use of multiple clients servers.
  • - Explanation of Usenet and list of newsreaders and other Usenet-related usenet software. Directory of newsreader software sorted by operating system with usenet brief descriptions and links to official download sites.
  • Nzbperl - Open source, NZB based, command-line Usenet downloader written in Perl. Runs under several flavors of Unix including Mac OS X and also under Windows via Cygwin.
  • SLRN - Threaded, text based, open source newsreader for Unix, clients VMS, OS/2, internet and Win32 systems. Highly customizable. Allows clients to redefine keys and internet to write custom macros. clients Full support for scoring articles, complex internet filters and clients killfiles.
  • Binbot - Commercial binary newsreader for Windows and GNU/Linux. A limited demo is available.

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