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A subscription service to measure how well your newsserver is receiving articles. Benchmark against other servers to determine whether you are receiving and delivering "full feed" Usenet content in the groups you carry.

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See Also:
  • Extra Systems NNTP Server - Freeware for Windows.
  • Hamster Playground - Free newsserver and mailserver software for single computers and small internet family or company networks. Developed from the same source as internet Hamster Classic. Source available. [Windows]
  • Papercut - Open source news server written in Python. Its servers main objective usenet is to integrate existing web based servers message board software, like usenet Phorum which is supported, servers with a Usenet front-end.
  • INN: The InterNetNews Package - Complete open source Usenet system. De facto standard servers for handling news routing, news spool and serving servers the spool to customers. Available for various versions servers of Unix from the Internet Software Consortium. How-To\'s servers and mailing lists.
  • Newsstar - A multithreaded NNTP transport designed to transfer Usenet servers articles as quickly as possible between a local servers server and multiple remote servers, with score-based killfiles. servers Open source software, supports INN, s-news and sn.
  • MPNews - Modular Windows software. Supports full news feeds, web and RSS internet interfaces and automatic filtering. 30-day trial version available.
  • Server Software Repository - Hosts several Usenet server packages including Leafnode, C news, Diablo servers and INN, and also very old applications like A news servers and B news for historical purposes.
  • Newsd - Open source, standalone local news server for private newsgroup serving usenet on a single server. It does not interface with other usenet news servers and cannot manage distributed news feeds.
  • Wikipedia: News Server - Presentation of news servers and explanation of differences servers between transit, reader and hybrid (also called "sucking" servers or cache) servers.
  • Diablo - Open source newsfeeding and newsreading software. Runs on most flavours usenet of Unix.
  • Leafnode - Easy to use, open source, IPv6-capable NNTP news servers proxy for Unix/Linux systems, designed for small networks.
  • NNTPCache - A cache server for Unix platforms. Free to servers use for usenet individuals, non-military, non-profit research groups, non-profit servers organizations and medical or usenet educational government departments. Others servers are required to license the software.
  • Hamster Classic - Light, open source NNTP and e-mail server. For Windows 95 internet and above, also runs under GNU/Linux with Wine.
  • Hamster with - Short tutorial with screenshots on the configuration and use of usenet Hamster with news server. May also be helpful for usenet other servers.
  • How to Become a Usenet Site - Periodic posting about the basic steps involved in usenet configuring a machine to store USENET news.
  • DNews - Usenet NNTP news server for most flavours of Unix, as internet well as Win9x/NT. Handles full newsfeeds while conserving system resources. internet Can use Suck feed option. Anti-spam features. Academic licensing also internet available.
  • NewsCache - Usenet News cache server for Unix. Distributed under internet the GNU servers Public license. Reduces required network bandwidth internet of the news server. servers Multiplexes between different news internet servers and allows offline news reading.
  • NewsPlex - Personal server utility which allows any news-reader to servers access several news-servers simultaneously, by merging their content servers into one single news-server. Freeware for GNU/Linux, Solaris servers and Windows.
  • Mib Software NewsrA+e - A subscription service to measure how well your usenet newsserver is receiving articles. Benchmark against other servers usenet to determine whether you are receiving and delivering usenet "full feed" Usenet content in the groups you usenet carry.
  • NNTPRelay - The only carrier-class news router for Windows NT. Freely available servers and redistributable. Also available from the same authors is the servers freely available news server program "Tortoise" for Windows NT.
  • Tortoise - Freely available news spool server for Windows NT, based on internet the NNTPRelay program from the same authors.
  • Highwinds Software - Offering several products for discussion software: Cyclone News Router, Typhoon News Server and Twister Discussion Server. All products run on a Unix/Linux/Solaris type of operating system.
  • SuckMT - Uses client NNTP to download news messages in order to servers feed them into your local server. Free download, FAQ, sample servers scripts, planned features. [Linux, Windows NT, source/binary]
  • sn - A small news system for sites with a usenet slow connection to the Internet that serve, perhaps, usenet a few dozen newsgroups. Also includes a mail-to-news usenet filter. For Unix-type systems.

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