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Pronounced "no see 'em", a third-party authenticated system for doing things such as cancels of spam, and off-topic posts.

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See Also:
  • Spam Hippo - Freeware spam removal software for news servers.
  • Cleanfeed Information - Page of the previous developer, still includes a servers useful FAQ usenet section along with a link pointing servers to the site of usenet the new maintainer.
  • c-nocem - A program for easy and efficient application of servers the NoCeM servers protocol on the news spool, supports servers C News and INN servers news servers.
  • Cleanfeed - Spam filter for Usenet transit servers, scans the incoming newsfeeds filtering for spam and tells the server to reject any it filtering finds. It can also block binary and HTML posts. Written filtering in Perl, can be used on servers running INN, Diablo, filtering Cyclone, Typhoon, Twister, Bre
  • News Shogun - An ambitious freely available modification to INN\\'s nnrpd, for stopping abuse from an administrator\\'s own users. It also includes more advanced user authentication features than are provided by the stock nnrpd.
  • narf - Usenet spam filtering for CNews.
  • The NoCeM page - Pronounced "no see \\'em", a third-party authenticated system usenet for doing usenet things such as cancels of spam, usenet and off-topic posts.
  • MicroSieve - A fast, freeware USENET spam filter. Tested on usenet GNU/Linux and usenet Solaris platforms with Cyclone and Typhoon usenet news servers.

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