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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a network of internet chat servers which in turn are comprised of channels that a user can join.

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See Also:
  • Chat Client - Customized IRC client to connect chat clients to the IRC channel created for the chat clients website.
  • iRC - Native Mac OS X IRC client [Shareware].
  • Project Info - MChat - Customized IRC app for the #macintosh channel on
  • X-Chat Aqua - The Mac OS X sister of the Unix chat clients program XChat.
  • ShadowIRC - Mac-only GPL IRC client.
  • Conversation - Client developed with ease of use in mind. chat clients chat clients Versions for 10.2 and 10.3 available. chat clients Documentation, downloads chat clients and feature list. Donationware.
  • Xirc - Fully featured cocoa IRC client.
  • Snak - Client for MacOS 9 and up. Advanced features chat clients including chat clients ircII scripting support and parental control.
  • Colloquy - An IRC client for Macintosh OS X. Contains internet screenshots, documentation, support and download area.
  • Irssix - A free (GPL) IRC client for Mac OS chat clients X internet based on the UNIX chat clients client Irssi.
  • ChiperSoft Systems - Minerva - Formerly called AthenaIRC. Shareware. Origins and history of irc the program, feature list with screenshots, downloads, and support forums.
  • Ircle - IRC client for MacOS.

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