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mIRC* - The most popular shareware IRC chat client for Windows.

  • mIRC Net - Resource and support for users of the mIRC irc client. Contains mirc previous versions, updates, news and irc scripts.
  • mIRC Workshop - IRC and mIRC explained in simple, detailed sections with examples, scripts, images and tutorials. A download section and a Script Writing java applet complete this mIRC reference.
  • DawnMarie's AllWaves page - Offers a collection of .wav files for mIRC.
  • Hawkee.com - mIRC script resource site with scripting tips, articles and downloads.
  • Team ClanX Scripterz - A group of mIRC scripters that specialize in addons, scripts, documentation and help boards.
  • mIRC Source - Also known as nuthin.nu the site gives help and scripts for the popular IRC client, mIRC.

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