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An all around advanced mIRC script with user friendly interface. Has channel protections, network services support & many other features.

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  • XMPlay - Generates information about what you are listening to.
  • Ircii - Homesite of iRCii - a small, simple and irc yet efficient mirc mIRC script.
  • NoNameScript - Full-featured and easy to use mIRC script with mirc many features irc especially for QuakeNet users and gamers.
  • - mIRC script database.
  • SysReset - Powerful mIRC file serving script. Supports many features.
  • mIRCScripts.Com - One of the oldest mIRC-related sites. Dozens of mirc scripts and mirc addons for each version of mIRC. mirc Many adverts. No reviews.
  • - Site offers mIRC scripts, addons, TCLs, DLLs, snippets and tutorials and download archive.
  • Team-ClanX Scripterz - Scripts, addons, dlls, tutorials, and other mIRC related irc files.
  • Gamers IRC - A popular gamer oriented script for the Quakenet scripts IRC Network.
  • Overdrive II - A script for mIRC with dynamic popups, plenty irc of filters irc and protection, and other features.
  • Panzer Fileserver - A mIRC fileserver script that allows advanced options scripts such as Ratio trading to be configured easily.
  • SpiderScripts - A small collection of scripts for mIRC including mirc Simple Trivia, a Bible reference script and a mirc selection of games.
  • Script Heaven - A well maintained mIRC script archive with a mirc large selection mirc of addons and scripts to choose mirc from.
  • uPP - Ultra Protection Project.
  • Thriller - An all around advanced mIRC script with user irc friendly interface. scripts Has channel protections, network services support irc & many other features.
  • Pic Win - mIRC picture window games, demos and animations, tutorials and GUI.

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