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IRC bouncer software category. An IRC proxy or bouncer is a program that connects to any number of IRC servers. You can then use an IRC client to connect to the proxy and use those servers. When you disconnect your client, the proxy stays connected to the IRC server.

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  • Ezbounce - Bouncer for UNIX. Features include multiple users, detaching, irc logging, and irc SSL support.
  • JBouncer - Presents a simple, open source IRC proxy written in java irc along with its documentation.
  • Muh - UNIX IRC bouncer with helpful features such as chat logging and flood protection.
  • ShroudBNC - Multi-platform, modular IRC proxy written in C++ and irc licensed under irc the GNU GPL. It can be irc extended with TCL scripts. irc Website includes screenshots a irc wiki and a support forum.
  • ZNC - Portable, open source IRC bouncer written in C++. irc It can chat be extended using modules written either irc in C++ or in chat Perl and Tcl. Includes irc detailed documentation and screenshots.
  • BNC - Original IRC bouncer with great features. Runs on irc UNIX machines.
  • Night Light - Multi-user IRC proxy written in C. Runs on Unix and chat Windows platforms.
  • PsyBNC - An open source, multi-user, permanent IRC-Bouncer for Unix platforms. Some of its features include symmetric ciphering of talk and connections using Blowfish and IDEA algorithms.

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