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An extension for realtime control and simulation. It adds a realtime task switcher and a tree-structured data base, as well as a matrix expression toolkit.

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See Also:
  • [incr Tcl] - Provides extra language support needed to build large tcl-tk Tcl/Tk applications languages by introducing the notion of objects, tcl-tk which act as building languages blocks for an application.
  • Tcl SourceForge Project - A portable extension that provides the power of extensions OpenSSL languages to Tcl programs. This extension can extensions be used to utilize languages SSL encryption on top extensions of any valid Tcl Channel - languages not just extensions sockets!
  • SSLtcl - A free loadable module for Tcl that extends the socket tcl-tk command with SSL functions. That is, it makes it possible tcl-tk for Tcl applications to communicate securely over the Internet.
  • Snack Sound Extension - Adds commands for basic sound handling and primitives tcl-tk for sound visualization.
  • Sensus Consulting - Featuring a binding to the LDAP C API, languages an extension that provides features of OpenSSL, a languages "pure Tcl" implementation of [Incr Tcl] and [Incr languages Tk], and a Tcl interpreter that allows any languages Tcl program to run as a Windows NT languages Service.
  • TclGtk - A project to provide Tcl with access to tcl-tk the Gtk GUI library.
  • TMath - A Tcl Interface to MATLAB and Mathematica.
  • OTcl: MIT Object Tcl - Compact extension to Tcl/Tk for object-oriented programming, from MIT.
  • TclSOAP - The TclSOAP package provides a natural binding from languages Tcl procedures tcl-tk to SOAP or XML-RPC remote procedures. languages Both client and server tcl-tk support is provided.
  • TCLBridge - Allows Tcl/Tk to be used from any COM/ActiveX container, including VB, .NET, IE, and VBScript.
  • Open Design and Integration Environment (ODIE) - An extension for realtime control and simulation. It languages adds a tcl-tk realtime task switcher and a tree-structured languages data base, as well tcl-tk as a matrix expression languages toolkit.
  • BLT - Add-on to the Tk toolkit, adding new widgets, geometry managers, and miscellaneous commands.
  • Torb - An interface between Tcl and CORBA.
  • WinTclSend - DLL to simulate keyboard input and mouse movement in Windows tcl-tk 95/98/NT.
  • wxTCL - wxWindows extension for TCL.
  • TclXML - Part of a project to make XML available to TCL languages programs. Two parsers are available: a front end to Expat languages and a native TCL one.
  • mysqltcl - Tcl Mysql Interface - A simple API for Mysql-Database and Tcl scripting language.
  • FastBase MySQL + Tcl Interface Program - An extension provides access to MySQL database servers using simple extensions Tcl commands.
  • Tix Widget Set for Tcl and Python - Tk Interface eXtension, a set of user interface components that languages expand the capabilities of Tcl/Tk and Python applications.
  • A HTML Widget for Tcl/Tk - A loadable shared library widget implemented in C tcl-tk that interprets HTML.
  • Img - Enhances Tk by adding support for the following image formats: extensions BMP, XBM, XPM, GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and postscript.
  • Ttclreadline - Makes the GNU readline library available for interactive languages tcl shells, including history expansion and file/command completion.
  • [incr Widgets] - An object-oriented mega-widget set which extends Tcl/Tk and is based languages on [incr Tcl] and [incr Tk].
  • tcllib - A collection of utility modules for Tcl. These modules provide extensions a wide variety of functionality, from implementations of standard data extensions structures to implementations of common networking protocols. [Open source, BSD extensions License]
  • xWizard - A Tcl GUI package to generate C/C++ codes extensions for Tcl languages extensions. xWizard aimed at the ease extensions of the integration between languages Tcl and C. [Open extensions source]
  • An Introduction To Pthreads-Tcl - Document describing the changes to Tcl that enable extensions it to be used in conjunction with POSIX extensions Threads (pthreads). A download for Linux is available.
  • Scotty - An extension for Tcl which provides access to network management information sources.
  • Gnocl - A gtk+/gnome extension for Tcl, loosely modeled after tcl-tk the way Tcl interfaces with Tk.

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