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Offers Erlang/OTP training courses at all levels, seminars, consulting services and code reviews. Based in London, its consultants and trainers are available for long and short term jobs worldwide.

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Open Source Erlang* - By Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory, soft realtime, declarative, functional language for concurrent, distributed systems. Compiles to BSD, Linux, Solaris, VxWorks, Windows. Descriptions, documents, links, projects: Ericsson, user. [Open Source, Erlang

  • Planet Erlang - A site with Erlang related RSS feeds.
  • Erlang Mailing List - Erlang questions list and archives.
  • Erlang Forum - Erlang Forums used from discussions on Erlang, OTP, erlang and aspects erlang of concurrent functional programming.
  • Erlang Wiki - Home of the Erlang Wiki
  • - English page of French Erlang site, a few languages interesting articles.
  • Erlang: The Movie - Erlang, as they tried to market it in an internal video from 1993.
  • Erlang Service Architectures - A White Paper comparing the architecture of web languages applications written programming in Erlang with those using the languages Open Source LAMP stack programming (Linux, Apache, MySQL/Postgres, Perl/Python/PHP/Ruby) languages and an enterprise Java stack.
  • Erlang Programming Language - Growing article, with links to many related topics. programming [Wikipedia]
  • The Computer Language Benchmarks Game - Erlang - A benchmark of Erlang test programs vs other erlang languages.
  • Ericsson Erlang/OTP - Commercial support for Erlang/OTP (Open Telecom Platform) under Solaris, NT, and VxWorks.
  • Trap Exit - A one-stop place where to find Erlang information, programming including forums, erlang documentation, tutorials and chats.
  • Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd. - Offers Erlang/OTP training courses at all levels, seminars, languages consulting services programming and code reviews. Based in London, languages its consultants and trainers programming are available for long languages and short term jobs worldwide.

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