Concurrent Languages Programming

One of a family of synchronous languages which are particularly well-suited to programming reactive systems, including real-time systems and control automata.

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See Also:
  • Resources about threaded programming in the Bell Labs CSP style - Introduction to the history, principles and style of languages concurrent programming languages practiced at Bell Labs.
  • Petri Nets World - Petri Nets is a formal and graphical appealing concurrent language which concurrent is appropriate for modelling systems with concurrent concurrency.
  • MC# - MC# (Multiprocessor C#) is a high-level object-oriented language based on concurrent .NET platform made for developing complex industrial program systems that concurrent can use multiprocessors.
  • FT Languages Page - Fault-tolerant projects, goal: enhance language support for distributed programs with FT needs, most high-level languages lack good support for such, more so at system level; 3 projects described, FT-SR, FT-Linda, FTAG.
  • Comega: Cω - C# extension, in two areas: Control flow extension for asynchronous wide area concurrency (was Polyphonic C#); Data type extension for XML and table manipulation (was Xen and X#).
  • NesC - A language for Deeply Networked Systems, implemented as programming a C extension based on structuring concepts and programming execution model of TinyOS, an event-driven OS for programming sensor network nodes with very limited resources: 8K programming bytes program memory, 512 bytes RAM.
  • ChucK - Concurrent, time-based, on-the-fly, audio programming language, supports precise, fundamental level of expressiveness, multiple, simultaneous, dynamic control rates, ability to add, remove, modify code as programs run.
  • Cilk Project - Concurrent language for parallel programming based on ANSI C. Source code, manual, papers and research into parallel chess programs.
  • MC# 2.0 - C# extension with async- and movable methods, channels concurrent and handlers languages for concurrent programming on the all concurrent types of parallel architectures: languages multi-core processors, clusters and concurrent Grid. Manual, papers, examples, distribution downloads languages for Windows concurrent and Linux.
  • Libtask - A coroutine library for C and Unix.
  • Joule - The Joule system is a foundation for building distributed applications. programming Joule Quick Reference 1.0 and The Joule Manual, divided into programming chapters as PDF files.
  • Communicating Sequential Processes - CSP is a language for describing patterns of languages interaction. A book by Tony Hoare introducing the languages language and the mathematical theory behind it is languages available in PDF format.
  • Corn - The homepage of a language designed for modeling languages concurrency and concurrent advanced computation; contains a tutorial, the languages language specification and the concurrent source and binaries for languages the latest version.
  • A Distributed Implementation of the C-Linda Programming Language - Language combining C and Linda, gives six functions for concurrent programming process coordination, can be added to any other sequential language. programming Thesis with essay, bibliography, code samples.
  • Linda - Simple library implementation of the Linda parallel programming system. SourceForge project page: downloads, forum and CVS.
  • Esterel - One of a family of synchronous languages which are particularly well-suited to programming reactive systems, including real-time systems and control automata.
  • LoI (Language of Interaction) - Designed to support interaction-oriented programming. This paradigm is programming especially suitable for the design of reactive component-based programming systems like distributed and interactive systems.

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