Research Erlang Languages Programming

A research project focussed on the design and prototyping of a secure and safe mobile code execution environment in Erlang.

    Top: Computers: Programming: Languages: Erlang: Research

  • UBF - Erlang is being used by Joe Armstrong for researching the transportation and description of complex data structures across networks.
  • Erlang QuickCheck - Erlang/QuickCheck is a library for random testing of Erlang programs against specifications.
  • Project Plan: Process structure extraction from ERLANG /OTP systems - An ongoing research project at Uppsala University.
  • Safer Erlang - A research project focussed on the design and languages prototyping of erlang a secure and safe mobile code languages execution environment in Erlang.
  • FORSE - FORmally Based Tool Support for Erlang Development, a reearch project research at the University of Sheffield.
  • A Practical Subtyping System For Erlang - Wadler\\'s type system for Erlang developed at Glasgow University with Simon Marlow.
  • Model checking - Model checking Erlang code through formal methods.
  • Verification of Erlang Programs - A project to produce a method and prototype research tool-set for erlang verifying a substantial fragment of the research Erlang programming language.
  • HiPE - High Performance Erlang is an ASTEC project at the Computing Science Department of Uppsala University, aimed at efficiently implementing the concurrent functional language Erlang.

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