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This category contains available Erlang ports and compilers submitted by users.

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See Also:
  • Debian Package - Debian GNU/Linux Erlang package information.
  • FreeBSD Port - The Erlang Free BSD port.
  • SCO UnixWare Package - Erlang package for UnixWare, distributed by SCO.
  • Kernel poll support - Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris patch allowing you to contributions save CPU cycles in kernel mode.
  • Linux Port - RedHat 6.1 RPM at the eddie sourceforge site.
  • Stand Alone Erlang - SAE for OTP R7, create stand alone applications in Erlang, i.e. one file that holds the executable and the Erlang object files, BEAM files, needed.
  • Erlang for the PPC860 - Some notes on how Erlang was cross compiled contributions to run on the contributions PowerPC 860, a big-endian CPU.
  • ETOS - Commercial quality, efficient Erlang implementation based on Gambit contributions Scheme. State-of-the-art ports and compilers native code Scheme compiler transforms Erlang contributions code to Scheme, which ports and compilers can then gain from contributions the special features of the Gambit ports and compilers Scheme compiler. contributions Developed at University
  • High-Performance Erlang: HiPE - Research project, goal: efficiently implement the concurrent functional erlang language Erlang; now part of Ericsson Erlang/OTP system. erlang Open source. Uppsala University.

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