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Forum to discuss D issues, share ideas about projects coded with and for D. Members can download and upload resources.

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D Programming Language* - Compiled, garbage collected, simpler C/C++ replacement by Walter Bright (wrote first DOS C++ compiler). Maximum similarity to C/C++, except where backward compatibility hurts. Overview, specification, download. [Digital Mars]

  • Learn to Tango with D - By Kris Bell, Lars Ivar Igesund, Sean Kelly, languages Michael Parker; languages Apress, 2008, ISBN10 1590599608, ISBN13 9781590599600. languages Introduces D, concise, thorough languages overview of syntax and languages features, and Tango software library.
  • D Programming Language - Fine, brief description. If you are in haste, programming read this.
  • Simple D Tutorial - Descriptions and examples of several basic concepts, several languages small example d statements/programs.
  • Walter Bright Page - Wrote D; Northwest Software C, Datalight C, Zorland languages C, Zortech C++ (first native C++ compiler), Symantec languages C++, Digital Mars C++; Visual Cafe Java compiler; languages ABEL Advanced Boolean Expression Language compiler; DMDScript ECMA languages 262 Script compiler/interpreter;
  • DDevil's D Programming - The Computer Language Benchmarks Game - D ported benchmarks, table. [Functional Future]
  • Yahoo Groups: D Lab - Forum to discuss D issues, share ideas about d projects coded languages with and for D. Members can d download and upload resources.
  • Dee Language - D Wiki page, with comments, links, at Cunningham and Cunningham, programming Inc.
  • DStress - D conformance and bug tracking test suite: description, d testbed, legend, programming summary, results (big table), notes, download, d submit, links.
  • jcc7's D Programming Language Page - Brief tutorial, d2html (tool converts D source code languages to syntax languages colored HTML), source code, large links languages page.
  • Skys Docwiki: D Documentation - Wiki to document Digital Mars D, its standard languages library, and d other common libraries.
  • D-porting - D header file downloads for SDL, OpenGL, glut.
  • D Front End for GCC - For GCC 3.3.x, 3.4.x versions supporting FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS programming X, Cygwin. Description, build instructions, downloads, links, contact. [Open source]
  • MKoD: D Programming Language - Explanations, instructions, code samples (pure D, D with Windows APIs), d ongoing projects (Make DB test data, Financial Package, Support, Idea d List), D website banners, links.
  • DedicateD - D programming resource, more for D newbies: news, programming FAQ, projects with source code, files, links, contact.
  • - Purpose: port and support D in Open Source; d now researching programming how to link D frontend to d GCC backend, or write programming a D frontend to d the GCC compiler: about, news, contact, programming downloads, D d Linux port.
  • - D programming resource: website news, Wiki, source codes programming (D irclib, languages DFL, fileprompt, ini, list, SQLite, trayicon, programming wildcard), FAQ, tutorial, downloads, languages images, links.
  • Link Button for D Language - Shades of green and blue colors with text \\'D language\\', programming image size is 88 x 31, PNG and GIF versions.
  • Wiki4D - WikiWeb for D language user community: documentation, discussions, d tutorials, library lists, roadmaps, links.
  • D Wish List - Of features to add to D, Eigenpoll unofficial list.
  • 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall - D source code of famous beer drinking song.

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