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This category lists web sites and pages which have software written in the D programming language, or written or optimized to work with or under D in some way, including libraries.

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Editor's Picks:* - Open source development for D: many projects, project and general forums, Subversion source control, bug-tracking, distribution, tutorials, website news.

  • DUI - D graphical User Interface: language binding to GTK+ graphical toolkit languages and OpenGL Extension GtkGLExt. Allows making GUI programs; supports Linux, languages Windows. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Ddbg - Win32 debugger for the D programming language. Can d be used in GUIs as well as the d command line.
  • D Kernel - D-based OS, flat 32-bit, single thread, ring 0 languages priority. Source software code, notes. By Mike Wynn.
  • The Language Machine - Software toolkit for language and grammar. Uses Chomsky\\'s most general d grammar, unrestricted (type 0), to manipulate language directly. Useful for d powerful translators. Coded in D, via gdc, GCC D front-end. d Description, documents, downloads. [Open Source,
  • D Win32 COM Library - Code to embed MSIE in a D programs, languages and libraries for easy Windows 32-bit programming, with languages ported headers.
  • MySQL for D - Driver for D: download tar file, brief instructions, software code examples.
  • D Language Laboratory - Professional game programmer makes 2D/3D games for Windows d coded in software D; has yaneSDK4D Game Development Library, d runs on Linux and software Windows, uses SDL and d openGL. Descriptions, downloads. English, Japanese. [Open software Source, LGPL]
  • Ben Hinkle's Page - For D: GMP interface, classes; documents of port of concurrent software Java library, Emacs mode, template for array creation and va_array, software simple double ended queue (deque), minimal template library. For C: software trial faster [Open Source]
  • gdcmac - GNU D Compiler (GDC) for Mac OS X software (10.3/10.4). Easy-to-use d packages to install D. Descriptions, downloads.
  • ABA Games - Several action games for Windows, coded in D, languages need OpenGL, software display handling by Simple DirectMedia Layer, languages source code available. English, software Japanese. [Open Source]
  • D X Windows Headers - Partial port of X11 headers. By Mike Wynn.
  • leds - Light Editor for D, to edit source code. software Builds on DUI toolkit (a binding to GTK+) software and Scintilla editor. [Open Source, GPL]
  • wxD - wxWidgets bindings for D language, cross-platform GUI library, supports Windows, Macintosh, and Unix-like OSs with X11/Motif/GTK+.
  • SynSoft D - Libraries: synsoft.text.token, synsoft.win32.perf modules; full help, as HTML languages (compiled and languages not, MSDN format). [Synesis Software Pty languages Ltd.]
  • d.vim - D syntax file (script) for Vim text editor. software [Open Source, d Vim online]
  • leds_editor, Yahoo Groups - Forum to discuss leds (Light Editor for D d Simple) issues.

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