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Forum system with much debate, many interesting and useful posts, some nonsense. Begins debate via New Scientist Cyclone article. [Slashdot]

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  • Cyclone Blows Away the Bugs for Programmers - Cyclone is similar to the C language, but far more bug resistant because it forces code to be checked thoroughly before authors can finish programs, via its special compiler which rewrites code or suggest fixes. []
  • Cyclone Blows Computer Bugs Out of Code - New computer language designed to avoid programming errors c may prevent cyclone many security breaches, according to US c computer scientists behind project, cyclone teams at Cornell University, c AT&T Labs New York. [New Scientist]
  • C with Safety: Cyclone - Forum system with much debate, many interesting and languages useful posts, c some nonsense. Begins debate via New languages Scientist Cyclone article. [Slashdot]
  • MediaNet - Overlay distribution network, for distributed streaming data services, to meet c user-specified Quality of Service (QOS) criteria. Servers coded in Cyclone.
  • Cyclone - C dialect, based partly on Popcorn, type-safe, polymorphic, cyclone gives C control over data representation and memory cyclone management, but prevents buffer overflows, dangling pointers, and cyclone format string attacks. Description, documents, download.
  • New Cyclone Programming Language: Bugs be Gone - Cornell University, AT&T Labs develop C variant far languages harder for languages authors to make bugs in when languages programming; data representation, calling languages conventions interoperable with C languages styles, which simplifies porting. [Security Administrator]
  • Hybrid Resource Control of Active Extensions - Combines dynamic and static checking; an extension of languages Click modular router, customized for active networking in languages Janos active network OS. Coded in Cyclone. Downloads: languages paper in PDF, Postscript gzip; slides in PDF, languages PowerPoint.

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