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Previous IOCCC Winners* - Past winners of The International Obfuscated C Code contest

  • Experts Exchange - Area for C programming technical support, help with projects by c qualified experts.
  • Other Sources - An assortment of links with some pointers to tools and papers you probably haven\\'t seen before. Needs much better organization.
  • Softpanorama University Annotated C Webliography - A collection of links and information.
  • C/C++ Programming - Articles about C/C++ programming and C function libraries programming for calendar date conversion and multidimensional dynamic array programming allocation; links.
  • The International Obfuscated C Code Contest - A place for C programmers to show their programming style.
  • About C/C++ - This site features tips, tutorials and information for programming C (and C++) students and programmers.
  • Programmers Heaven - C / C++ Zone - Resources for beginner to advanced programmer.
  • Logic Programming in C - Logic programming, parsing and compiling with free online programming books and tools. Full C code given for programming prefix-to-infix translator, regular expression expander, EBNF parser.
  • programmershelp - C Section - A collection of resources for C programmers including programming tutorials, books, programming reviews, links, compilers.
  • C Language forum at Tek-Tips - C Language technical support forums and mutual help languages system for languages computer professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
  • CodeCraft - Coder's Side - Collection programming tutorials, documentation. Sources.
  • Learn Programming 123 - C - Tutorials for beginners and advanced. Explanations of languages all the c standard libraries, keywords. Reference guide. Forum.
  • ANSI C Yacc grammar - Including Lex tokenizer.

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