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Programming that puts tables first. Tables are a vital data representation method. In some applications they are central, almost all you need; far superior to standard APIs: smaller; faster; easier to write, understand, debug.

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See Also:
  • MCPL - a simple typeless language which is based on BCPL. It makes use of pattern matching somewhat related to that used in ML and Prolog. Some other features come from C.
  • Alex - Cross platform rapid GUI development language, runs on languages many operating languages systems: Unix (Motif, OpenLook, most others), languages Windows 32-bit. Lets one languages set of source code languages make programs that work across many languages platforms.
  • Wikipedia: Imperative Programming - Online encyclopedia article.
  • CASL - Language for programming PDAs. Lets you describe a programming program in programming terms of graphical elements bound together programming by your code.
  • Wikipedia: Procedural Programming - Online encyclopedia article.
  • COX - C with Operator eXtension (FTP)
  • AML: Anil's Machine Language - Implements a simple, virtual register machine in C++, programming to make languages a portable, powerful, efficient way to programming solve mathematical problems. Its languages use is not limited programming to math, but that is its languages main use programming so far. Syntax is far easier than normal languages programming machine language as the ins
  • SiMPLE CodeWorks, Inc. - Makes SiMPLE Modular Programming Language and Environment. Beginner-friendly, for kids programming and adults looking for a new way to have fun programming with computers. Has full C++ compiler. Descriptions, FAQs, tutorials, tools, programming forum, games, downloads.
  • Profan2 - Full language with scripting/batch abilities, database development system, programming built-in ODBC procedural interface, interpreter and compiler. For Windows, programming common in Germany, easy procedural to make English version. programming English page on website. [freeware (early procedural version), commercial]
  • Frink - A programming language and calculating tool. It tracks units of programming measure through all calculations, and helps to get the answers programming right.
  • PILOT - Simple interpreted language designed for use in computer-assisted procedural instruction (CAI), procedural 3 implementations, IEEE-standard and open source procedural version exist.
  • Algol-like Languages - This volume contains historical and foundational material, and programming works on language design.
  • - SQR is a reporting and database access language. procedural Links to resources and technical information.
  • UniCOMAL - The site supplies and supports MacharSoft version of procedural the COMAL languages programming language. It\\'s classic imperative interpreted procedural language, similar to BASIC languages but with a wider procedural range of structures and facilities.
  • The cT Programming Language and Environment - An algorithmic language like C, Pascal, Fortran, and procedural Basic, but programming greatly enhanced by multimedia capabilities, including procedural easy-to-use support for color programming graphics, mouse interactions, and procedural even movies in QuickTime or Video programming for Windows procedural format.
  • XPL - Language and compiler generator system (or TWS: translator writing system) based on language. Derived from PL/I with its syntax, but structure close to C, first release 1968. Descriptions, book, port list, resources, publications list.
  • Leopard - A programming language created solely for beginners.
  • Quikcode - Free PC implementation of easy, yet powerful procedural IBM mainframe programming language Quikjob. Some uses: scanning files, making reports and quick utilities, converting files. For DOS 5.0 and up, Windows 3.1/95/98, Linux, Stratus VOS.
  • IMP Compiler - For Imp-77 language on Intel x86 processors, an procedural ALGOL-like high-level language originally designed as the implementation procedural language of the Edinburgh Multi-Access System, developed at procedural Edinburgh University.
  • TOP: Table Oriented Programming - Programming that puts tables first. Tables are a programming vital data representation method. In some applications they programming are central, almost all you need; far superior programming to standard APIs: smaller; faster; easier to write, programming understand, debug.
  • Inger - A simple imperative programming language. Description and compiler download. [Open source, GPL]
  • Gema - Home of the GEneral purpose MAcro processor tool, programming with a binding for the Lua scripting language, programming named GeL; source and binary distributions.

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