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One of the original "compiler compilers", is a derivative of PL/I and was widely ported. Documentation, links, and resources.

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See Also:
  • Datatek Language Conversion Services - Provides automated programming language conversion services for PL/I, Cobol, and languages Fortran.
  • The GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler - IBM research report describing the extension of PL8 programming to support 64-bit addressing, its implementation as a programming GCC front end, and the validation of the programming new compiler. Evaluation of PL8 as a language programming for highly reliable low-level programming.
  • Power vs. Adventure - PL/I and C - Presentation comparing these programming languages, from a PL/I perspective.
  • PL/M grammar and parser - Skeleton parser for PL/M implemented in Flex and programming Bison. The grammar describes PL/M 386 and programming where possible, will accept various other dialects.
  • Ask Felgall: PL/1 - Reference and how-tos for PL/1. Includes statement programming reference, built-in function reference, example code.
  • RainCode - Language processing technologies and services for PL/I. The RainCode Engine for PL/I parses "virtually all PL/1 dialects available today" for quality assessment, migration, standards compliance, and documentation.
  • Hello, World Program - Classic test program, written in PL/1.
  • Open-PL/I - Compiler product for Unix and Windows, from Liant Software Corporation.
  • My First PL/I Program - Reminiscences about a first experience with PL/I and languages IBM\'s PL/I(F) pl compiler in 1967, by Jim Horning.
  • IBM PL/I Family - IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS, AIX, MVS/VM, VSE, pl Windows.
  • Multics PL/I - How Multics was built in a high-level language. Compiler construction languages and compiler features.
  • A Few PL/I Hints - By Michael Rask Christensen, including sample programs.
  • Alternative Solutions- PLM2C - A compiler-translator which accepts PL/M source files and produces ANSI pl or K and R C as output. Includes documentation and pl translation examples. Free demo download.
  • PL/I Resources - Links, tutorial, function library, book and course references.
  • Kednos, Inc. - Vendor of PL/I for OpenVMS and Tru64. languages Download documentation and kits for the PL/I compiler languages for OpenVMS for both Alpha and VAX, and languages kits of the PL/I compiler for Tru64. languages No-charge hobbyist licenses available.
  • Development Assistant for PL/M - An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Analyzer, Editor, programming Browser, Graph, languages Metrics, from RistanCASE GmbH.
  • PL-6 manual : CP-6 Introduction to PL-6 - A beginner\'s guide to the PL-6 programming language pl (1988).[PDF]
  • PL/M 386 Programmer's Guide - Reference for the PL/M 386 language and compiler. programming Includes pl language description and grammar, differences between programming various PL/M versions, and pl how to link and programming run a PL/M 386 program.[PDF]
  • Robin Vowels - General information, resources and FAQ about PL/I.
  • PL/I Analyzer - An interactive workbench used to analyze and re-engineer legacy PL/I programming systems. Program overview and description, key features, hardware and programming software requirements.
  • PL/I Front-End for GNU Compiler Collection (pl1gcc) - Project to create a native PL/I compiler using the GCC. languages Downloadable scanner and parser for pl1, and a set of languages test files and a very rudimentary build and test system.
  • PL/I Frequently Asked Questions - Compiled by Robin Vowels.
  • XPL Programming Language - One of the original "compiler compilers", is a languages derivative of PL/I and was widely ported. Documentation, languages links, and resources.
  • PL/i Programming Tutorial: Control Solutions - PL/i (small i) is a PL/I-like language from Control Solutions, programming Inc. Tutorial includes overview, data type descriptions, statement syntax, programming and procedures for direct hardware and network access.
  • Wikipedia: PL/I - Encyclopedia article containing a brief history of the language, a discussion of design and implementation issues, and the advances PL/I contributed to language design.
  • Iron Spring Software - Developer of the Iron Spring PL/I compiler for OS/2 and Linux. Free download of alpha OS/2 version and documentation.
  • SIMPL-X A Language for Writing Structured Programs. - Paper describing syntax and semantics of SIMPL-X, a transportable systems languages programming language based on PL/I with Algol features.

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