Procedural Interpreted Languages Programming

This category points to directory categories for programming languages that are interpreted and procedural, imperative.

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See Also:
  • ML/1 Macro Processor - Ancient, very good, general purpose macro processor. First interpreted written in languages DEC PDP-7 assembly language by Peter interpreted J. Brown. Description, history, languages code samples, contact, downloads: interpreted binary, source. [Open Source, GPL]
  • OpenComal Project Details - Brief description, links, information, downloads. []
  • Tensile - Language made mainly for complex processing of text interpreted in SGML-like interpreted formats. Key feature: notion of finite-state interpreted automata used to define interpreted text transformations. Also made interpreted for Web programming, with inherent CGI interpreted abilities. Project interpreted page. [Savannah]
  • OpenCOMAL Linux-native COMAL - Brief description, screen shot, links.
  • OpenComal - COMmon Algorithmic Language, created in 1980s to teach procedural structured programming, languages mixes BASIC and Pascal minus problems procedural of each. Interpreted, portable; languages runs on DOS, Unix, procedural Windows. Description, documents, history, download, links. languages [Open Source, procedural GPL]

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