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offers add-on products and utilities for several Basic languages for DOS. The entire catalog and some demo programs are available for download.

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See Also:
  • History of BASIC - A history of one of the most commonly used programming programming languages.
  • Chipmunk BASIC - An old-fashion BASIC interpreter for the Macintosh. BASIC basic programming resources.
  • Gambas - A graphical Basic language for Linux with objects languages and plug-ins.
  • NBASIC - A BASIC interpreter designed to mimic the operation programming of 8/16bit languages microcomputers of the early 1980\\'s like programming the Tandy Color Computer, languages Apple IIe, Commodore 64, programming Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.
  • ScriptBasic - Open Source GPL BASIC interpreter supporting Win32, UNIX, programming Linux. Rich programming set of features, many built-in functions. programming External modules written in programming C. Modular. Interpreted internal programming code. Internal code cache for fast programming execution. Compiled programming to C. Source is pure C.
  • The BASIC Archives - Very complete FAQ page with many links to basic other BASIC sites.
  • Free BASIC Script Language - FBSL is a Free BASIC Script Language tool basic dedicated to programming 32/bit Windows platforms like Windows 9.x, basic Millennium, NT and 2000.
  • thinBasic - Windows BASIC-like script interpreter for Windows versions with basic Internet Explorer programming 5.5 or higher. Developed in Power basic Basic.
  • HTBasic - BASIC for Windows, Linux, HP-UX and DOS. MS Office integration. GPIB and GPIO interfaces. VXI solutions. HP 700 add-ons. By Tech Soft GmbH.
  • Ubercode - Windows programming languages Ubercode, a BASIC-like language, and languages Visual Fred, programming a VisualBasic-compatible language.
  • SXWIZ Basic Compiler for the SX28 - Basic compiler for the Ubicom SX28 Micro. Works basic with the SXKEY emulator. [Commercial]
  • wxBasic - A free, Open Source Basic interpreter for creating portable GUI applications in Windows and Linux. Can create stand-alone executables.
  • Just BASIC - A free version of BASIC for Windows. Supports basic creation of basic standalone programs.
  • Hitchhikr SoftWorks - MBasic - A fast Basic interpreter for Windows consoles platforms based on basic Sylvain Bizoirre\'s Mini Basic language. Assembly sourcecode is included.
  • Phoenix Object Basic - A unique object-oriented RAD tool for Linux.
  • O'Basic - Visual Script Language for Windows95, 98, NT and languages 2000.
  • Proton PICBASIC Development Systems - Make programs for PICmicro without having to learn the relative programming complexity of assembly, or opacity of C. Crownhill Associates, Ltd. programming [Free and commercial versions]
  • PureBasic - Home of PureBasic, a new "high level" programming languages language based on established BASIC rules.
  • Basic Micro MBasic - A BASIC compiler for PICmicro MCUs . By Basic, basic Inc. [Commercial]
  • MoonRock compiler - A free compiler for a Basic-like language, with QuickBasic source basic code.
  • Raiders of the Lost Altair BASIC Source Code - Reporting on the lost Altair BASIC source code basic [The Register]
  • Blassic - A basic interpreter that run on Windows and programming Linux. [Open languages source, GPL]
  • GFA Basic Windows Programming - This site is designed to give users of basic GFA Basic Windows help. It has a beginners basic section where no previous knowledge is required, an basic amateurs section where you can improve your skills basic and an experts section where you can find basic out about advanced programmi
  • X11-Basic - A BASIC shell script interpreter for UNIX/Linux with full X11-Graphics support. [Open source, GPL]
  • Lemick - A project to make a programming language similar programming to those traditional Basic implementations but with all programming the attributes of the modern programming tool. Current programming version is a bytecode compiler and interpreter/JIT compiler programming implemented in pure C with flex (sc
  • PICBASIC - The official UK PIC Basic Compiler web site.
  • XCSB (XC Structured BASIC) - Optimising structured PIC BASIC compiler producing fast native programming machine code for the PIC microcontroller. [LITE version programming is FREE for personal non-commercial use]
  • Win32 PS2 YaBasic Port - Contains executable to allow you to run PlayStaion2 languages programs programmed languages in YaBasic as well as links, languages FAQs and sample programs. languages [Open Source]
  • Basic-like Language Alternatives Compilers - A list of basic-like languages for Windows and basic Linux which can compile to stand alone EXEs basic files.
  • WarkenSoft Productions BASIC Homepage - WarkenSoft Productions is dedicated to bringing quality BASIC programming to programming the WWW.
  • FreeBASIC - A 32-bit BASIC compiler, with the syntax the programming most compatible possible with MS-QuickBASIC, that adds new programming features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline-assembly. programming [Open-source, LGPL]
  • VMM Basic - A virtual machine that execute a byte-code program, languages compiled from basic language, the syntax is similar to languages Basic languages, that have basic intern motion detection commands, languages intern sprite commands based on DirectX, basic network commands, languages for simplify game development.
  • Full Moon Software - offers add-on products and utilities for several Basic languages languages for DOS. The entire catalog and some languages demo programs are available for download.
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