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See Also:
  • Qbasic Gamerz Society - Lots of files, links, QBasic programming advice, as well as the top 10 games.
  • Acid Works QBasic Software - Programming tips section, downloads and projects section, qbasic and quickbasic basic as well as message board and links.
  • QBasic Land - Many games, programs, and useful utilities for programmers are available here.
  • QBasic 101 - Contains large library of games and programming tools. languages Also links, basic newsletter, and an event schedule.
  • QuickBasic Cafe - Downloads include compilers and programming tools. Also message board and links.
  • QBasic Games and Tools - Programs written in QBasic with sourcecode such as games, file compressor, decoder, graphic viewer.
  • QBasic.com - Includes large files section, tutorials, links, and a basic newbie's section.
  • The QBasic Forum - An active forum for newbies and experts to ask and/or answer QBasic questions.
  • QB Cult Magazine - QuickBasic programming magazine, in both online and downloadable forms.
  • V-indows Builder - A program for adding dialog windows interface in any QuickBasic basic project (*.bas).

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