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See Also:
  • Buff's QuickBASIC/ PowerBASIC Page - Programming examples, links to other sites, downloads, messageboard, basic and a qbasic and quickbasic web ring.
  • Keith's Qb Web Page - Large library of files, links, and information on personal pages QBasic personal pages compilers.
  • The QBasic Site - Includes links, graphical demos projects, and downloads including games and utilities.
  • Jack's QBasic Station - Tutorials, source code and utilities. Also programming advice.
  • Oscar's Site - QBasic/QuickBasic programs, links. PCOPY use tutorial.
  • Antoni Gual Quick Basic Page - Downloads include libraries as well as graphic demos. Also help documents and links.
  • Chet Zema - ChetOS Online - Computer programming and information theory, variety of topics basic on theology qbasic and quickbasic and political conservatism. Quick Basic projects, basic including ChetOS GUI system.
  • Fro Moe Software - QBasic tutorials, links, example programs. Author\'s programs with personal pages sources.
  • Fleming, James - QBasic Elysium - QBasic tutorials, source code, examples and downloads.
  • QBasic My Style - Tutorials and downloadable source code. Links.
  • QB89 - A site for Qbasic, downloads, tutorials.
  • Laz's big fat QBasic page - Downloads include sound, graphics, and games. Also includes links.
  • Wallace Software - Qbasic projects, including Contact and Cardinal III.
  • Jones, Mark A. - MarkroSoft - Programming tips for QuickBASIC, VB, and VBA for personal pages Access basic and Excel. Resume.
  • CoreVirusRecords - Qbasic page, future library tutorial, games(own projects, maps). Music.

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