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If you are new to Visual Basic, click on the links on the left and right of the screen, otherwise, visit the forum page. Download author programs/OCXs.

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See Also:
  • Czupek's Page - Programming in Visual Basic. Links, free source codes, visual basic newsletters, visual basic chat.
  • Jamie's Visual Basic Portal - Bio. Some VB 6.0 and VB.Net downloads.
  • AndrewR software - QBASIC and Quick BASIC downloads, Visual Basic controls, languages and Windows applications.
  • Jon Perkins Website - Freelance software developer and IT journalist specialising in Visual Basic.
  • DamRho Free Software - Free VB utilities. Home of the VB Spectrum Emulator DamSpecEm languages and other Visual Basic projects.
  • Martin's VB6 Site - If you are new to Visual Basic, click on the links on the left and right of the screen, otherwise, visit the forum page. Download author programs/OCXs.
  • Chris & Tim's Web Site - Links, FAQs, Tutorials for VB3, VB4, and VB5.
  • Stan's Visual Basic For Beginners - Info about getting started with Visual Basic programming visual basic as personal pages well as free programs.
  • Sonny's Visual Basic Page - Contains Visual Basic information, links, downloads, and VB personal pages E-Zine visual basic links. By H. K. Soneji.
  • Gurgen's VB Stuff - Collection of VB utilities for NT/2000 Network personal pages Administrators.
  • SoTTo's Virtual Home - Sources, computer humor, ASCII-code library, collection of Win32 programming articles.
  • Source Code,Tutorials and Links - This site features award winning source code, useful personal pages ActiveX languages components, tech articles, and links.
  • MWJ Computers - Freeware programs and controls designed in Visual Basic.
  • Devonian Chip - An attempt to use Sinhala Language in communicating with the personal pages user. Visual Basic sourcecode, games.
  • Visual Basic Junkyards - Visual basic tips and code.
  • Saqib Sajjad's Visual Basic page - Utilities written in Visual Basic with source code visual basic available for download.
  • JHB Web Site: Vbasic Corner - Source codes, tips and tricks.
  • The BatCave Returns - Contains some VB source samples for blowfish encryption, languages time synchronization.
  • Rick Rosenhagen - Resume, projects, refs, and links.
  • Peter Aitken's Visual Basic - Links and information related to Visual Basic programming.
  • Nasser Rowhani's Programming site - About, programs with sources, currect projects.
  • Savvage Design - Visual Basic 6 applications with source code at your fingertips.
  • MaximusVb - Visual Basic programming to the maximum. Special focus visual basic on visual basic ActiveX, Class and User Controls.
  • Levi Johnston's Programming Site - Resume. Visual Basic programs and source code.
  • Singh, Aditya Kumar - Visual Basic source codes, tutorials, complete projects, links.
  • Priyan'S Home Page - Unni Media Player. Open Source programs in VB. Photos.
  • Malhar Visual Basic Page - About. Visual Basic projects and tutorials. Also some languages Delphi related visual basic content.
  • Oladipo, Demola - Home of the Lepricon - A programmer from the land of beauty (Nigeria). Bio, downloads.
  • Tinovimba G. Motsi - A collection of complete projects developed in 32 personal pages Bit Visual Basic, including a library system and personal pages a fees processing system.
  • Froggy's VB Page - This site contains information on using the ID3Lib visual basic mp3 personal pages tagging library directly from within VB without visual basic the need personal pages for an OCX wrapper. Handles visual basic ID3v1 and ID3v2 personal pages tag (current through ID3v2.3).
  • Coma's Visual Basic Page - Visual Basic programming site including tutorials on file personal pages packaging, languages console emulation and graphics.
  • VBTown - Tips/Tricks/ActiveX controls For VB. Easy to learn tips - just personal pages Copy and Paste the code to the form. Discussion group.
  • Mr. B.'s Programming Place on the Web - Freeware DOS and Windows programs as well as source code and Visual Basic Custom Controls.
  • pr0gram's page - Visual Basic code, Windows Beta information, ringtones for visual basic people visual basic with Nokia phones.
  • Kardi Teknomo - Programming lessons for beginners: learn how to program languages step by visual basic step using Visual Basic 6. languages Research, publications, resume. Personal.
  • JasDer Inc. - Have programs made in visual basic, for free download.
  • McMillan's Visual Basic Code - Class modules, code snippets.
  • Garsmurf's Visual Basic Page - Visual Basic Modules, Controls, and DLLs as well personal pages as other resources.
  • Dark Logic - Personal home page with a section on programming, including original personal pages downloads and programs in visual basic.
  • Chris and Stefan - Visual Basic Central - Space Wars game with sources. Some game programming in VB tutorials. Links.
  • Neville Silverman - Visual Basic Programming - Visual Basic programming and software design using SQL Server, ADO, languages Sheridan,True DBGrid. Also Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft’s Word, Outlook, languages Excel, Access) and Internet programming.

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