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Software developer that provides a WindX capable terminal emulator, a ProvideX report writer, and a variety of freeware. ProvideX tech tips and information.

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  • Mid-Atlantic Data Systems - Authorized reseller for Addon, Basis, and Facetcorp specializing basic in custom programming.
  • THEOS Software Corporation - Operating system which includes MultiUser Basic.
  • Professional Programming Services, Inc. - A software developer providing system enhancements, tools, utilities, business basic custom design and implementation for the Cimpro, Thoroughbred business basic Basic, BBx and other Business Basic communities.
  • Thoroughbred Software International - Provider of Thoroughbred BASIC Business BASIC and the IDOL 4GL.
  • Probasic - Open source interpreter released under GPL.
  • Renaissance Computer Solutions Inc. - Consulting firm specializing in software written in Business Basic.
  • Business Basic Related Positions - From 3D Tek Information Systems, Inc.
  • Nth Dimension - Creators ProvideX, Business BASIC development environment. Business BASIC toolkits, training, business basic FAQs, and example code.
  • East Point Data - Providing systems support to companies with applications that are running in Business Basic.
  • Midware Technologies - A source of migration products for evolution from basic proprietary BASIC business basic language environments to Open Systems, UNIX, basic DOS, Windows, Windows NT, business basic and LANs.
  • BASIS International Ltd. - Provides development tools for business software development on multiple platforms. Business Basic language products include: BBj, PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, and JDBC/ODBC Drivers.
  • BIS Computer Solutions, - BusinessBasic, development and networking.
  • Cybersoft Consulting Services - Providing professional programming and consulting services, specializing in ProvideX, BBx languages Pro5/4, Business Basic, Thoroughbred Basic FACTS, MAS90, Richter/Essentus systems languages on Unix, Windows and other platforms across Canada and the languages USA. Based in Montreal.
  • EDIAS - Software developer that provides a WindX capable terminal emulator, a languages ProvideX report writer, and a variety of freeware. ProvideX languages tech tips and information.
  • TAP Solutions - Technology consulting firm specializing in Excel & Access solutions, web languages development and application programming in business basic and vba.
  • ProvideX - Business BASIC language variation with WindX (Windows) and business basic JavX business basic (Java) thin clients. NOMADS OO application business basic development environment business basic can be used to create GUI business basic Business Basic applications.
  • Synergetic Data Systems - Developer of software tools for BBx, ProvideX, and Unix.
  • PVX Plus Technologies - Source of various enhancements and extensions to the languages ProvideX application languages development language. It\\'s owned and operated languages by the original author languages of ProvideX - Michael languages F. King.
  • Business Basic System Corporation - Microshare Basic an Open Source Business Basic available languages under both GPL and commercial licenses.
  • Eloquence - An application development and runtime environment based on basic HP Business Basic.

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